New research published by Textlocal, one of the UK’s leading SMS marketing platforms, highlights how a third of respondents feel that they are addicted to their smartphones, with 15% checking their phones within 15 minutes of waking. The research, also highlights how smartphones are now an intrinsic part of everyday life, often at hand for […]

What are the top 10 handheld organisers, which may or may not be smartphones?

Question by dandinidandini: What are the top 10 handheld organisers, which may or may not be smartphones? My husband needs a new handheld organiser, which may be a smartphone but the primary function is to act as a daily organiser. I have no clue what the latest is on the handhelds, but he is looking […]

What is GLONASS?: Complete List of Smartphones with GLONASS Support

List of Smartphones using GLONASS Navigation: This is a list of smartphones who support GLONASS navigation as of January 2013. Alcatel Alcatel OT-995   Apple Apple iPhone 4S Apple iPhone 5   HTC HTC Droid DNA HTC One X+ HTC One X+ LTE HTC One S HTC Windows Phone 8S HTC Windows Phone 8X   […]

Farewell Symbian: These were the five greatest Nokia smartphones ever

Nokia released its quarterly earnings this morning, and along with some promising results – it just scraped a profit, after making huge losses – it had some other news to share: the Finnish phone peddler also confirmed that the Nokia 808 PureView mega cameraphone would indeed be the last handset ever to run its Symbian […]

Asus considering Windows 8 smartphones

Asus is a major global computer manufacturer based in Taiwan. We know the company from its computers and tablets more than anything else. However, Asus has attempted to enter the smartphone market on a couple of occasions with devices like the Padfone and Padfone 2. So far, Asus has failed to make any significant inroads […]

Where Do Smartphones Go From Here? [You Told Us]

The smartphone revolution is in full swing, with these small (unless you’re a Galaxy Note owner) handheld devices replacing the need for various other single-use products. While a swathe of the population still owns feature phones, which hold a certain nostalgic appeal, smartphones are slowly but surely taking over the world, with Android, iOS, Windows […]

Samsung Galaxy S Smartphones Topple 100 Million Sales

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone line of devices has toppled 100 million global sales. The South Korean electronics manufacturer announced on Monday that the milestone was reached in just two years and seven months. The original Samsung Galaxy S launched in May 2010. Sales have been most helped along by the incredibly successful Samsung Galaxy […]

Verizon sets its own record, activates 9.8 million smartphones in Q4

Verizon revealed earlier today in an SEC filing that it activated 9.8 million smartphones during its fourth-quarter. Says the carrier, these activations were comprised of a “higher mix” of iPhones, likely due to the iPhone 5. These numbers are from the company’s Q4 estimates; it is slated to reveal its financial report on January 22. […]

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