Customers spend more money on apps that they believe can change their lives

Giving customers hope in apps and helping them achieve their life goals is more important than compulsion, according to new research from University of Cologne and Imperial College Business School. Dr. Martin P. Fritze, Assistant Professor of Trade Fair Management and Marketing, and his co-authors identified six key features which motivate customers to engage with […]

Im lookin at earbuds for my samsung galaxy I have a bid on ebay for bose earbuds I have around $100 to spend?

Question by Zach: Im lookin at earbuds for my samsung galaxy I have a bid on ebay for bose earbuds I have around 0 to spend? Should I stick with those I listen to alot of hiphop will it give me the sound I need? Best answer: Answer by LanceThere are lots of head phones […]

Kia and Hyundai prepare to spend $412 million in exaggerated fuel-economy debacle

Both Kia and Hyundai were recently slapped for embellishing their respective fuel economies, something that was blamed on procedural errors. Both companies promised to pay owners for the extra fuel consumption, however, a move that will amount to quite a hefty sum. The companies have made good on that claim, setting aside a combined $ […]

Spend Some Time With BulkyPix’s Upcoming Hollywood Monsters

Spend Some Time With BulkyPix’s Upcoming Hollywood Monsters Posted by Rob LeFebvre on November 26th, 2012 [ permalink ] Pendulo Studios, developer of adventure-noir thriller game, Yesterday, has teamed up again with publisher Bulky Pix for another adventure game on iOS. This time, it’s hollywood monsters. Check it out. What would happen if the monsters […]

European Union to spend $900 million on world’s most powerful lasers

Doctor Evil would be thrilled at what the European Union is set to spend $ 900 million on. The EU will spend $ 900 million to build the world’s most powerful laser hoping that the technology can destroy nuclear waste and possibly provide new cancer treatments. The project is called the Extreme Light Infrastructure project […]

Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book Is Something Unique, It Tells The Tales Of How All Spend Their Time Asleep

It was 50 years ago this month that Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book was published, an era that also included Seuss classics such as Hop on Pop and Fox In Socks. Now, thanks to Oceanhouse Media, this beloved children’s story shall have several dozen more in the form of an omBook. Big and wide, we yawn […]

Technology makes it easier to spend, not save

Technology makes it easier to spend, not save More than half of U.S. adults say technology has made it easier to spend money, while only three out of 100 say tech has made it easier for them to save, according to a survey conducted for the American Institute of CPAs by Harris Interactive. The survey […]

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