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1997 Vs. 2013, Can You Spot The Difference?

via: 9gag The post 1997 Vs. 2013, Can You Spot The Difference? appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

King.com overtakes Zynga for top spot on Facebook

You might not have heard of casual social game developing studio King.com, but they just bumped Zynga from the top spot on Facebook with their new game Candy Crush Saga. It has attracted 9.7 million daily players on Facebook so far, and King.com is now the second largest game publisher on Facebook, with over 70 […]

Snap Spot: Improve Your iPhone Photos With These Clip-On Lenses

Last time on Snap Spot I featured the iPhone Wrist Strap, which screws into the bottom of your phone to keep it attached to your wrist even when taking pictures in precarious places. Today I have a product that can work in conjunction with the wrist strap, the Clip-on Cell Lens. I’ve shown you other […]

The Scourge Of The Web: Fake Reviews & How To Spot Them

“User reviews” are actually a pretty recent phenomenon. Before the prevalence of the Internet, user reviews were called testimonials, and you’d only see them on TV commercials and product pages. Nowadays, anyone can write anything on any product – and there’s no filter for what you can say. Enter the problem of fake and falsified […]

Spot The Difference In CatchPlus

About The App CatchPlus By Sloo Interactive Inc, is a games app. In which you need to find the difference between two photos, in three various modes. How To Play In the opening screen there are five menu options, the ‘Game Start’,’Ranking’,’Shop’,’My Page’ and ‘Option’. If you tap the ‘Game Start’ you will find the […]

Give A Spot To The Uncomplicated Easy Image Modifier Among Your Portable Apps [Windows]

This is exactly how Easy Image Modifier describes itself. But why are we reviewing yet another image editing program? Isn’t there a forest of them out there? Sure…but don’t you think occasionally it pays to take a second look at some of the really good ones. After all, would you stop looking at a pretty […]

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