Infectious Worm Spreading On Tumblr, Feels Reported Damaged Across User Base

An infectious worm is spreading on Tumblr, hijacking dashboards and intercepting feels across the internet. As of this morning, several prominent Tumblrs have been affected by the infectious worm spreading on the service, and Tumblr spokesperson Katherine Barna confirmed the issue in an email to Mashable in which she explains: “There is a viral post circulating on Tumblr […]

Twitter Sandy Hoaxer May Face Criminal Charges For Spreading False Information

A GOP campaign manager who was unmasked for deliberately spreading false information on Twitter in the wake of Hurricane Sandy may face criminal charges, New York City Councilman Peter Vallone suggested to website BuzzFeed earlier this week. Shashank Tripathi, who has since been let go from the re-election campaign of Republican Christopher Wight, sent a series of […]

New Malware Spreading Through Skype IM Could Come From People You Know [Updates]

A malicious worm has been spreading quickly among Skype users which may take over your computer and ask for ransom in order to release its content. The worm is spread through a Skype instant message which reads: “lol is this your new profile pic?” followed by a link to the supposed profile pic. When a […]

New Facebook Hoax Spreading Like Wildfire [Updates]

There is a new hoax making its way around Facebook, and there is a good chance you have already seen it. The post implores Facebook users to repost it by midnight to avoid Facebook’s new monthly charge. According to the post, Facebook has implemented a new, three-tier pricing structure that will go into effect tomorrow (the date […]

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