INFOGRAPHIC: Your Smartphone Is Spying On You

If you install an app on your smartphone these days, the chances are that it will ask to see your location, as well as other personal identifying data – and saying no to it will likely disable most, if not all of its appealing features. One classic example of this is the newly remade Google […]

White House finds no evidence of Huawei spying, source says

Last week, Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE were accused of potentially spying for the Chinese government, with the US House Intelligence Committee recommending that both companies be avoided, and that acquisitions and mergers be blocked in the US. A couple days later, Canada reconsidered using Huawei as part of its upcoming government communications network due […]

Flame Authors Linked To New Spying Program

The security company that has discovered some of the most sophisticated spying software unearthed to date says it found a related program, dubbed “miniFlame,” which can carry out more precise attacks on targets in the Middle East. While the original Flame virus swept in data from perhaps 5,000 computers, largely in Iran and Sudan, the […]

Arma 3 Developers Arrested for Allegedly Spying on Greek Military Bases

Two developers from Bohemia Interactive, makers of the ArmA military simulation series, were recently arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos for allegedly spying on military bases, according to reports from Greece. The developers, ages 28 and 33, had reportedly been visiting Lemnos on vacation, and were doing research for the company’s upcoming third installment […]

Diamonds, That Is To Say Gems, Are Forever In Spying Endless Runner Agent Dash

It turns out that TheEndApp is not the only iOS endless runner that has been updated recently. But then again, that’s hardly surprising, given that there are plenty of iOS endless runners out there. So, allow me to rephrase that: It turns out that TheEndApp is not the only notable iOS endless runner that has […]

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