UK Cybersecurity Startup Crypta Labs Appoints Dr Helen Marsden to Advisory Board

Friday, 8th January Crypta Labs, an award winning UK-based mobile security company developing a Quantum (True) Random Number Generator used to seed encryption on mobile devices, has appointed Dr Helen Marsden to its Board of Advisors. In her capacity as a board adviser, Dr Marsden will draw upon her extensive experience working on research and […]

Helpfulpeeps Awarded ‘Best Startup’ by Pocket App CEO, Paul Swaddle

• Innovative new social network scoops Startup Showcase Award at Apps World London, 14th December – Pocket App, the UK’s largest independent app developer, attended this year’s Apps World 2015, one of the UK’s most prestigious exhibitions of pioneering development and innovation in multi-platform apps. Pocket App is a regular exhibitor at Apps World, demonstrating […]

The Wolf of the Israeli Start-Up Market

The plethora of Israeli hi tech firms and start-ups that have spread their wings internationally has surpassed all expectations over the last three years. Now widely known as ‘The Start-Up Nation’, Israel has been producing a huge array of new hi-tech businesses year on year. A tiny country, with approximately 7.6 million people, has around […]

My Samsung YP-MP4 Player keeps freezing on the startup screen, why?

Question by Rodoshi: My Samsung YP-MP4 Player keeps freezing on the startup screen, why? My Samsung YP-R0 freezes after the ‘Samsung’ Screen (in the middle of the R0 screen); the sound and the ‘R0′ screen just hangs midway and then it just turns off (the R0 sign normally shines). Then I try to turn it […]

Why won’t msconfig return to normal startup?

In msconfig under the general tab, I am not able to change back to normal startup. If I select it and hit apply it goes back to selective startup. Do I have program causing this, and if so how do I trace it down? The question Why won’t msconfig return to normal startup? appeared first […]

Navigon 7200T First-time startup

High quality pictures here: mypieceoftheinter.net This video is actually kind of worthless unless you’re curious what starting up the Navigon 7200T GPS for the first time looks like, this video is exactly what you want. The video coverage of this thing is pretty scarce it seems, so I figured I’d contribute what I can.

Why is there an occasional disk read error at Windows startup?

Sometimes when I start my Windows 7 PC, an error ‘disk read error, press ALT+CTRL+DEL to restart’ appears on a black screen and Windows does not load. When I restart, the same error appears. I unplugged the SATA cable and power cable of my hard drive (Western Digital WD2500AAJS) and re-plugged and it started. I […]

Why does check disk run on every startup?

Every time I turn on my laptop, the check disk continues to run until I cancel it. This is happening only from couple of days since I ended up deleting some file from my C drive by mistake. After logging in I get an alert that $ mft is missing. I think the file that […]

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