What happens next? 3 Steps to contact centre compliance

Rob Crutchington at Encoded looks at the impact of GDPR on contact centres and discusses three ways to help them remain compliant using technology Contact centres are challenging places. There is certainly plenty to think about with the rising cost of salaries, managing schedules to meet customer demand, looking after staff wellbeing, PCI DDSS compliance […]

Setting new standards for success – 5 steps for redefining KPIs

Measuring all-round performance should be a continual process. In Teleopti’s second blog on the subject of change, Patrik Vesterberg outlines a five-step methodology for defining metrics that add real business value. My first blog about change discussed how resistance to doing things differently is the arch nemesis of customer service. One aspect of adopting change […]

Omnifone steps in to acquire rare Sivyer record collection containing every chart single since inception

UK-based global digital music cloud platform provider ensures rare vinyl collection remains in the UK London – 29 May 2015 – Omnifone® confirmed today that it has purchased a stunning record collection containing every single in the top forty since inception. The extraordinary collection spanning six decades of chart music was the lifetime’s work of […]

how can i get online with wifi connection on a verykool i650 (bad cellphone, i know)? please detail the steps?

Question by O: how can i get online with wifi connection on a verykool i650 (bad cellphone, i know)? please detail the steps? please, be as specific as you can be with this Best answer: Answer by Sheleyopen up the phone and put in the vin number onto google and see what it shows. There […]

5 Steps to Building the Ultimate Cloud Based Personal Filing System

5 Steps to Building the Ultimate Cloud Based Personal Filing System In this 15 page short book you will learn how to build the ultimate cloud based personal filing system in five easy steps. Cloud storage means you will never have to worry about spilling coffee on your computer, or trying to remember which computer […]

The Secret To Profitable Printing With Your Inkjet In Three Easy Steps

Ironically, while printer ink costs more than champagne, cost-savvy consumers can actually make money using their inkjet. It just takes three simple steps—none of which lead to jail. Clearly, printer ink is expensive: It costs up to $ 800 a gallon, an unfortunate fact inkjet users feel deeply about because of the looming holiday season […]

5 Simple Steps To Making a Perfect Mixtape

Anyone reading these words will likely belong to one of two groups of people: those who love music mixtapes, and those who haven’t a clue what one is. This article is aimed at both groups, and, consequently, at everybody. It offers a set of simple steps that need to be followed in order to create […]

What are the steps involved in opening a virtual machine to multiple users?

There are a couple of technology solutions to allow 1 computer to be shared simultaneously by 2 or more users (thanks Makeuseof and MUO user community, for helping me discover them – softexpand, ms sharepoint). I am looking to implement this technology in our school for web access and document creation. Can I use VM […]

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