Why has Poweramp music player for Android stopped working?

I have been using Poweramp for Android on my Micromaxa 52. It did work, but now when I try to play music on it, it freezes and the audio makes a strange sound. I also get a message saying the app was forced to close. What could be wrong? The question Why has Poweramp music […]

Why have I stopped getting messages over Facebook?

We have a Dell Inspiron PC with Windows Vista. We also use Google Chrome. We were able to receive and answer messages and chat. Just recently we get messages but cannot respond and chat has completely stopped. Is there a setting we need to do to reactivate both? We are able to receive and read […]

Why has Chrome stopped letting me access YouTube and other sites?

I installed Chrome over 6 months ago and it was working great for months. I loved the YouTube extentions for teachers. About 3 weeks ago it won’t let me get on YouTube from Chrome. I now have to go through Internet Explorer to use YouTube. There are several other programs I use for school with […]

Why has the webcam on my HP Pavilion DV6 stopped working?

My 6-month old has just started rocking back and forth on her hands and knees! I wanted to capture this on video but my webcam is malfunctioning. I left my HP Pavilion DV6 on overnight because of the hurricane and today it seems to be wigging out. When I go to the “Cyberlink Youcam” software I […]

Has Apple Stopped Approving Google App Updates?

Nearly three weeks ago, Google promised a new update to their popular Search app for iOS. At the time, Google stated that the improved app would include some Siri-like capabilities. Twelve days later, however, and that update has yet to hit the App Store. In a move that sounded interesting at the time, Google on […]

How can I add a printer to my laptop when it says that the printer spooler has stopped?

I have a Canon printer, but I am having problems connecting it to my laptop because it says the printer spooler has stopped. What does this mean and how can I fix it.

Google Nexus Q Shipments Stopped, System Will Receive New Features Then Resume Shipping

The Google Nexus Q sold out in less than 24 hours and now Google is stopping future shipments and “retooling” the platform. After going on sale Google was forced to delay shipments with an “out of stock” notice. At the time of the delay analysts questioned whether the delay was caused because of high demand […]

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