You Better Watch Out, Fieldrunners … Santa Strike Is Coming To Town

Ho ho ho! Fieldrunners 2 HD has just received its very own holiday update. Fieldrunners 2 HD is the iPad edition of the sequel to the popular tower defense game Fieldrunners. Fieldrunners is widely considered one of the best games in the genre. And Fieldrunners 2 HD, along with its iPhone counterpart, fortunately maintains the […]

Virgin America and YouTube strike a deal on in-flight content

Virgin America and YouTube have struck a deal, penning the video sharing website’s first distribution agreement with an airline. Beginning December 15, fliers will have access to five YouTube channels via Virgin’s in-flight video entertainment system. The best part? The content is free on flights to Mexico and within the United States. The free content […]

Google is told to pay up or strike a deal in French Internet debacle

A couple weeks ago, we reported that Google was threatening to exclude French media sites from search results if it passed a law that would require search engines to pay for displaying links to French media sites. Google retorted that such a law would be harmful to the Internet, and that it would be forced […]

Color: Strike Three And You’re Out?

One of the most heavily promoted apps in recent memory could be shutting down. VentureBeat reported that Color would be winding down. Since then, a spokesperson from one of Color’s key investors has denied the story. First released in the App Store in March 2011, Color will forever be known as the $ 41 million […]

Foxconn Worker Strike Over For Now, iPhone 5 Production Resumes

A worker strike at Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone 5, has ended with workers in Zhengzhou, China returning to their assembly line. Between 3,000 and 4,000 Foxconn workers at the Zhengzou plant walked off the job early on Friday following a dispute between the production and quality teams at the factory. In a telephone […]

Foxconn denies reports of worker strike

Yesterday, China Labor Watch reported that three to four thousand Foxconn quality assurance workers went on strike after iPhone 5 quality demands were raised to extremes. The report also stated that a fight broke out between workers that sent some to the hospital, and that a contributing factor in the strike was that workers weren’t […]

iPhone 5 quality demands reportedly lead to large-scale Foxconn strike

Just a little over a week after a brawl broke out at one of Foxconn’s factories in China, we’re now getting reports that Foxconn workers have gone on strike due to iPhone 5 quality demands. China Labor Watch is reporting that the strike happened today at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou Factory and involved three to four thousand […]

RIM and Microsoft strike up a licensing deal for exFAT

Struggling BlackBerry platform holder RIM announced today that it has reached a licensing deal with Microsoft, but instead of RIM licensing out its tech like CEO Thorsten Heins has suggested many times in the past, RIM is the one paying out the licensing fee this time around. The deal gives RIM access to Microsoft’s Extended […]

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