How can I export music playlists and podcast stuff from Ipod to a memory stick?

Question by ‘SUP ?: How can I export music playlists and podcast stuff from Ipod to a memory stick? I have Apple MacBook Pro. WHEN i try to export to Ipod, It states that all music etc. will be erased.. HELP ! Best answer: Answer by Karljust copy them manually. What do you think? Answer […]

Buy & Sell Stuff on eBay for iPad

When it comes to buying things online, there are definitely a lot of options. One of the most popular websites to purchase new swag, without a doubt, is eBay. There are people that spend most of their day combing the online auction website (even when they’re supposed to be working), trying to place the winning […]

Beautiful Motion Graphics & Typography Comes To Life On Vimeo [Stuff to Watch]

Tight typography and swish motion graphics can’t be learned overnight; it’s a skill that takes years to master. Sophisticated software and video editing techniques are not the instant talent that many mistakenly believe they are, and so true masters of the art should be celebrated much in the same way animators, artists and filmmakers are. […]

Laugh Till You Burst With The Onion’s Video Content [Stuff to Watch]

The Onion is one of the longest-running satirical news organisations, and remains to this day a continuing source of ridiculous news, subtle comedy and political commentary. Founded in 1988 as a parodic newspaper and successfully making the jump to the current online format, The Onion now enjoys around 8 million unique visits per month. In […]

Wheres My Stuff

Never misplace anything ever again! Unique app allows you to store items and their locations so they never get lost. You can even store a photo of it! Download Wheres My Stuff on the App Store Download Wheres My Stuff on the Google Play Store http://www.wheresmystuff.co/ The post Wheres My Stuff appeared first on DailyAppShow […]

Get All your iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive Stuff In One Pace With Documents.me

Get All your iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive Stuff In One Pace With Documents.me Posted by Rob LeFebvre on January 16th, 2013 [ permalink ] Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad Got a slew of documents and other media across all those different cloud systems, like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and even email? Documents.me […]

Tangibles: Sell Your Stuff with Ease

As a tech guy, I tend to collect way too much “stuff,” whether it be the latest iPhone case, or some other random tech gadget that I impulsively bought on Kickstarter. My wife is making me get rid of some of the things that I hardly use, and so I started my quest to find a good […]

Watch & Learn At Any Age & Level With YouTube’s Educational Section [Stuff to Watch]

Regardless of your age and level of education, YouTube’s educational section has something to stimulate your grey matter. Bringing together some of the best channels, greatest teachers and most interesting videos on the service under one heading, YouTube Education has broad appeal to those interested in casual learning, long-term courses and the belief that you’re […]

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