How can I submit articles to websites and magazines for publishing?

Hi – I’m thinking of doing some writing, and I’d like to do it for people that are interested enough in my writing and what I have to say to pay me for it. I think I could probably write some good MUO articles, and some good articles about using selected music software products. How […]

Comics Self-Publishers Now Have Another Great Option With ComiXology Submit

ComiXology announced today a free, new submission portal for comics self-publishers called comiXology Submit. The company, developer of one of the first and most successful comics reading/buying apps on the App store, hopes to help comic book creators make money from their self-published efforts via ComiXology’s digital platform, which is already used by the likes […]

How do you submit a picture or video to MakeUseOf Geeky Fun?

How do I submit a picture or video to the Geeky Fun section of MakeUseOf?

Developers From 120 Different Countries Can Now Submit Apps To The Windows Store [Updates]

The official release of Windows 8 is getting closer and closer, and there are still not many apps waiting for users in the Windows Store. With little time to spare, Microsoft has opened its gates to app submissions from 120 countries, letting any developer or company in those countries submit an app to the Windows […]

Where are good websites to submit Mac tutorials from my site?

Where can I post/submit the tutorials that I write for my website so that more people can see what I am writing, besides Reddit?

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