Social followers won’t share it if it isn’t ‘PG’, study suggests

Media release 20 March 2017 Social followers won’t share it if it isn’t ‘PG’, study suggests Academic experts find it’s not your social audience you have to please, it’s their parents Marketers should look beyond their own target market and consider their consumers’ social media audiences’ potential reaction to their online campaigns, or risk falling […]

Report suggests a mismatch between expectations and reality gives ERP a bad name in public sector IT projects

Advanced advises that the public sector needs to keep an open mind when choosing IT systems 28 January 2013 – A mismatch between expectations and reality in public sector IT projects is to blame for giving enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems a bad name according to a SourceforConsulting report commissioned by Advanced Business Solutions (Public […]

Employees Should Consider Cleaning Up Their Profiles To Avoid The Potentially Career-Limiting Impact of Facebook Graph Search, Suggests Punch

Following the launch of Graph Search, which enables searches within Facebook based on individuals’ likes, interests and past activity, users should swiftly take a look at their profile and privacy settings to ensure that they are not surprised by being associated with undesirable subjects in search results, advises integrated PR, search and social media agency […]

‘Help I Have The Flu’ Facebook App Scans Friends’ Updates, Suggests Culprit

A new Facebook app is giving users the opportunity to track down the person who gave them the flu. Called “Help, I have the flu,” the app scans friends’ status updates for words such as “coughing,” “sneezing,” and — of course — “flu,”  and checks the places those people might have checked into. When users […]

‘Tomb Raider’ To Include Multiplayer, GAME Listing Suggests

The core Tomb Raider series never came across as one that would lend itself particularly well to multiplayer of any sort apart from co-op, but Crystal Dynamics may have found a way for the Tomb Raider reboot. All Games Beta spotted a listing on UK retailer GAME’s website, and the listing made mention of some […]

Teens With Smartphones More Likely To Have Sex, Study Suggests

Teens who have smartphones may by more likely to engaged in risky sexual behavior, a new study suggests. Teens who participated in the study were more than twice as likely to have sex with a person they’d met online when they used their smartphone for internet access. Teens with smartphones were also more likely to […]

Soon Time For Samsung To Give Apple Back The Crown As New Survey Suggests The iPhone 5 Is Besting The Galaxy S III

Three weeks ago, consumers were only just getting their hands on the iPhone 5. Now, Apple’s phone is generating more Web traffic than Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which first went on sale in July. According to a new Chitika survey, between the two devices 56 percent of Web traffic is being generated by the iPhone […]

Survey Suggests Most Don’t Want An ‘iPad Mini’

On the day that Apple was expected to send out invitations to an Oct. 17 “iPad Mini” event, but did not, come the results of an interesting new survey of 1,330 people. In it, just 18 percent of respondents said that they were “gearing up to buy” Cupertino’s long-rumored tablet, according to PCMag.com. The TechBargains.com […]

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