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• AMAZING 60% ADULTS WANT TO LEARN • REVEALS SHOCKING LACK OF ENCOURAGEMENT FOR KIDS TO LEARN TO PLAY • DISCOVERS OPTIMUM AGE TO LEARN TO PLAY • FINDS THE BEST INSTRUMENT FOR BEGINNERS Yamaha Music London, Yamaha’s flagship music store in Wardour Street, Soho London, has conducted its’ first ever survey of over 1,000 […]

Apple yet to convince customers to upgrade iPhones according to mobile retailer survey

In a recent survey conducted by online mobile accessory retailer MobileFun.co.uk, just 26% of existing Apple customers said they would be upgrading to the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. The survey, conducted between 12th September and 21st September 2015, asked 80,000 previous Apple accessory customers what they thought of the new products announced at the […]

What Londoners secretly think about their workplace – 2015 survey findings revealed

The London Office Workers’ Survey 2015 has uncovered what London workers really think about their colleagues, offices and what they can’t live without… When faced with the question “what is the one thing you can’t live without in the office?” our shameless London office workers have no qualms in dropping their colleagues! According to the […]

Digital Divide Grows, says survey by consumer researchers, Intersperience

Digital divide grows as 29% of us use seven or more devices at home A new phase in the digital divide is emerging as a growing number of us use seven or more digital devices in the home with up to five switched on at any one time. According to the latest findings by consumer […]

Survey: 48 Percent Of Young Motorists Use Internet While Driving

According to a survey conducted by State Farm an astounding 48 percent of young motorists with ages ranging from 18 to 29 use mobile phone based internet while driving. The State Farm group refers to accessing the internet while driving as “webbing,” which is a growing safety concern. Webbing and texting can be quite dangerous. Earlier […]

Sky Survey: Your Window To The Cosmos

As the App Store has swelled in size, it has become increasingly difficult to find those sparse gems — apps that can be a real treat to stumble upon. Sky Survey happens to be one of them. I first heard about the app while watching an episode of Horizon on the BBC iPlayer service and, […]

Soon Time For Samsung To Give Apple Back The Crown As New Survey Suggests The iPhone 5 Is Besting The Galaxy S III

Three weeks ago, consumers were only just getting their hands on the iPhone 5. Now, Apple’s phone is generating more Web traffic than Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which first went on sale in July. According to a new Chitika survey, between the two devices 56 percent of Web traffic is being generated by the iPhone […]

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