Catch the Ark Review – Survive the great Genesis flood!

Chillingo has been one of my all time favorite app makers, especially with their Cut the Rope game. My impression was reaffirmed after hours of fun with their new release, Catch the Ark. God asked Noah to make an ark and escape the Genesis Flood with a pair each of all animals (yeah, the Biblical story). But according […]

BlackBerry 10: Ten apps RIM needs to survive

BlackBerry 10 finally arrives at the end of the month, and with it an all-new app store. Reports are flying around this week that RIM is trying to dodge the bare shelves of Microsoft’s Windows Phone, with more than 15,000 apps submitted for sale in two days. But while that figure is reassuring, not all […]

Earth microbes can survive on Mars, study finds

In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences and the University of Florida show that the anaerobic organism Carnobacterium can survive on the Red Planet. This comes after years of belief that any Earth microbes that make their way to Mars via devices […]

Survive a Hostile Galaxy in FTL: Faster Than Light

Looking for a new indie game to try out? Released this September, Subset Games’ FTL: Faster Than Light is an indie spaceship simulator/RPG that has garnered a lot of praise among the indie game community. FTL’s fresh take on old strategy games is finishing out the year at the top of several Best Of lists. […]

Black Friday Survival Guide Review – Can you survive?

I just love it when app names describe themselves because that means less work for me. Black Friday Survival Guide brings you the latest and best deals on that Christmas gift, you have been planing to buy, all year. This is a pretty straight-forward app with no useless menus or options or memory consuming animations. A default-themed yet not boring […]

Survive the Zombie apocalypse this Halloween with the Zombie Invasion heat map

The secret is out; the zombies are revolting – in more ways than one! – with Halloween just weeks away. In order to give the British public the best opportunity of avoiding the plague and becoming another ‘Flesh Files’ statistic, the Zombie Invasion heat map has been released to keep track of the fast-spreading zombulation. […]

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