Now stay connected both in and around the home from the back garden to the front porch with award winning Orbi Outdoor Satellite adding 2,500 square feet to your network IFA, Berlin — August 30, 2018 — NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTGR), the leading provider of networking devices that power today’s smart home and small to […]

Everest’s new SmartLock takes home security to a higher level

Everest Home Improvements has taken home security to a higher level again with the launch of the Everest SmartLock from Yale. The keyless SmartLock offers four different options for unlocking the door – a mobile app, phone tag, keycard or keytag – and up to 50 tags and cards can be paired with each SmartLock. […]

How long can you hold out against the Superbugs? New mobile game takes on threat of global antibiotic resistance

A new game released today, Superbugs sees players face off against a major threat to global health. Launched by the Longitude Prize – a five year, £10 million challenge to tackle the issue of antibiotic resistance – Superbugs challenges players to destroy mutant bacteria until new antibiotics can be discovered to replenish humanity’s precious and […]

‘NightSky®’ Petunia takes the starring role

New, award-winning Petunia brings the galaxy to gardens and balconies. This brand new petunia is set to be the talk of the gardening world. Plant it this season and you’ll add a whole new dimension to your garden. Petunia ‘NightSky®’ is a real breakthrough in plant breeding, offering beautiful, rich purple flowers, generously seasoned with […]

Flying cars, big data and classroom revolutions – Innovisions 2014 takes innovation to the next level

How do you take an idea from concept to product launch? How do you ensure that your organisation remains agile and creative? How do you prepare regions for the rapid technological change? These questions will be explored at Innovisions 2014, where trailblazers from industry, education and government will discuss how organisations can use smart innovation […]

Icycle 2 takes nude bicycling and fish-kissing to a whole new level

The folks at Chillingo were showing off Icycle 2 at GDC 2013, and it broke my brain just a little. The game mechanics themselves are very simple; the controls are ultimately the most basic ones you could have for a platformer game. The real trip is in the art style and storyline. Players control the […]

Nokia Music+ takes on Spotify with unlimited song streaming

Now that Nokia Drive is available on every Windows Phone, Nokia needs a new exclusive to tempt shoppers the Lumia way. Nokia Music+ is that: a true Spotify rival on your phone that costs just a fraction of the price. Read on for the details. Nokia Music on new Lumia Windows Phones is already useful […]

Apple stock takes a tumble in after hours trading

In case you missed the hullabaloo, Apple delivered its earnings report for Q1 2013 this afternoon. While things looked excellent for the most part, something about the report has investors worried, as Apple’s stock price has taken something of a plunge during after hours trading. After an encouraging regular trading day that ended with a […]

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