CES 2013: HAPIfork tells you when to slow down and chew your food

CES 2013: HAPIfork tells you when to slow down and chew your food Think you eat too fast? A new, high-tech utensil, the HAPIFork, will let you know. It tracks how fast you eat, with the idea that the information will help you slow down so you lose weight and control acid reflux, among other […]

Blind Man Uses Instagram To Share Images, Voice-Imaging Tells Him What He’s Taking Pictures Of

Tommy Edison is blind, but is enjoying posting and sharing images on the widely popular app, Instagram. In a YouTube video, Edison explains how he uses Instagram to capture, edit, caption and share images he takes, even though he can’t see. “It’s kinda fun for me, I’ve never had a camera before,” he says in […]

Live Music Map – Tells You About All The Music Events Around The World

About The App Live Music Map is music app developed by Apperdashery LLC. This app shows you what music events are going live around you now. Features Of The App Live Music App shows the exact place the musical events will be conducted around you based on the genre and distance that you have selected. […]

FCC tells FAA to relax on strict gadget rules during flights

The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) has been reconsidering their ban on the use of electronics during flights for a while now with no real progress, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is stepping in to urge the FAA to chill out on their strict no-gadget policy during takeoff and landing. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski write […]

Apple Throws Tantrum After Court Tells Company To Spill Secrets

Apple has thrown a tantrum after being ordered to reveal secrets that could help Samsung keep its products on the shelves. On Thursday, a judge ruled that Apple must give up information about their patent deal with HTC to Samsung. The details of the Apple-HTC deal could be crucial to Samsung as it prepares a […]

Samsung Tells Apple To Kiss Off, Terminates Contract

The longtime crystal display panel partnership between Apple and Samsung is coming to an end. The South Korean company has announced that they would terminate the existing contract with Apple, a decision that takes effect next year, according to The Korea Times. Proving once again that the relationship between Apple and Samsung has deteriorated perhaps […]

‘Super PAC App’ Tells You If A Political Ad Is Being Truthful

Sick and tired of political ads that tell nothing but lies? So was a group of researchers at MIT’s Media Lab so they built the Super PAC App, a mobile application capable of discovering who produced political ads simply by listening to them. The program works by holding a mobile phone up to a political ad and […]

New iOS Metronome App SpeakBeat Tells You Where You Are In The Bar

Regina, Canada – Shiverware today is pleased to announce the release of SpeakBeat, a new metronome app for iOS devices. The app is unique among metronome apps because it uses spoken words to mark the beat rather than clicks or ticks. The spoken metronome improves timing over click metronomes for music students, dancers, and cheerleaders […]

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