‘The Lost Treasures Of Infocom’ Now Available For iOS

Fans of old school text adventure games will no doubt rejoice over the fact that The Lost Treasures of Infocom is now available for iOS. According to Gamasutra, the collection features 27 of the iconic companies’ interactive fiction titles, including the Zork series, Planetfall, and the survival horror game The Lurking Horror. Although you can […]

‘The War Z’ Pulled From Steam

Well, that was quick. In response to all of the controversy surrounding the Steam launch of The War Z, Valve said on the forums yesterday that it would look into the situation – and look into it they have. Earlier today, Valve removed The War Z from Steam after customers alleged that Hammerpoint Interactive, the […]

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Offers ‘The Binding of Isaac,’ ‘Shank 2,’ And More

If the last Humble Bundle left you missing the traditional indie bundles, you’re in luck. Yesterday, the team announced that Humble Bundle 7 is now live, and a bunch of indie gems are on offer at a pay-what-you-want price point. Humble Indie Bundle 7 is slightly different from previous offerings. Whereas usually the bundle offers […]

‘The War Z’ Steam Launch Met With Controversy

The War Z managed to climb atop the Steam sales charts after it was released on the platform yesterday, but it wasn’t before long that developer Hammerpoint Interactive was on the receiving end of accusations of fraud, false advertising and blatant money-grabbing. In a post on Reddit, one gamer called Hammerpoint out on the list […]

‘The War Z’ Out Now On Steam

After spending several months in alpha and beta phases, open world zombie survival game The War Z from developer Hammerpoint Interactive is now available on Steam. The developer is calling it a “Founders Release,” which we assume is somewhere between the game being a beta and the game being gold. Much like the alpha and […]

‘Medal of Honor Warfighter’ Getting ‘The Hunt’ DLC Next Week

Next week, Medal of Honor Warfighter‘s multiplayer will be bolstered with a new selection of maps through a new map pack called “The Hunt,” which is part of a cross-promotion between publisher EA and the movie Zero Dark Thirty. The map pack is set to release on December 17 for PC, followed by a December […]

‘The Secret World’ Dropping Subscription Requirement

When Funcom’s latest MMO, The Secret World, launched earlier this year, it launched as a subscription-based title in a genre now filled with free-to-play offerings. Perhaps inevitably given lower than expected sales, Funcom has decided to drop the subscription requirement. Rather than going the free-to-play route that is all the rage in the MMO space, […]

What makes you feel like you’re tinkering with ‘the next big thing’ computer and gadget wise?

What computer apps, gadgets, or web services are you using today that you feel will go viral and huge, for example as Amazon and iTunes did? I’m in my late 40′s, and looking back, I was one of the earlier users of computers and technologies that eventually grew bigger and bigger – and I felt […]

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