What Londoners secretly think about their workplace – 2015 survey findings revealed

The London Office Workers’ Survey 2015 has uncovered what London workers really think about their colleagues, offices and what they can’t live without… When faced with the question “what is the one thing you can’t live without in the office?” our shameless London office workers have no qualms in dropping their colleagues! According to the […]

Which tv do you think is better? Sony Bravia EX720 or Vizio 554SV?

Question by David Antunes: Which tv do you think is better? Sony Bravia EX720 or Vizio 554SV? Sony BRAVIA KDL55EX720 55-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV or VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch 1080p 480Hz 3D LED HDTV http://www.amazon.com/Sony-BRAVIA-KDL55EX720-55-Inch-1080p/dp/B004HYG9Y6/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1309810746&sr=1-2 http://www.amazon.com/XVT3D554SV-55-inch-TruLED-Dimming-Internet/dp/B0045TYDXC Best answer: Answer by potato43i love vizio Give your answer to this question below!

What do you think of my website and how can I improve it?

Hi, I want a 100% valuable feed back on my website. I updated it recently and want opinions and suggestions on design, user interface and so on. The URL is deffe.com, please submit your frank opinions. Thanks. The question What do you think of my website and how can I improve it? appeared first on […]

What Do You Think of “This Week In Android”?

What Do You Think of “This Week In Android”? For the past few weeks, we have been running a new column on the site entitled “This Week In Android” where we recount the most interesting news tidbits from the week in terms of software updates, new device announcements, and app updates. It was designed as […]

What do you think of turning a Smartphone into a desktop computer?

What do you think of the initiative of Canonical of practically turning your Android Smartphone into a desktop by Ubuntu for Android? If you are not aware you can see the demo here and read more about it at here and then give your opinion. The question What do you think of turning a Smartphone […]

Lenovo will become Think Business Group and Lenovo Business Group in April

On April 1, Lenovo will divide itself into different business groups: the Lenovo Business Group, and the Think Business Group. The Think Business Group will deal with the Think-brand and business aspects, while the Lenovo Business Group will deal with Lenovo products and its Mobile Internet/Digital Home Group business. The changes will include the appointment […]

An Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 6 May Be Closer Than You Think

If you’ve been waiting for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, this may be some of the best news you’ve heard in a while. There’s been official confirmation that the iPhone 5 is capable of an untethered jailbreak. According to iOS hacker Planetbeing, jailbreaking may be getting harder, but don’t lose hope just yet. Planetbeing […]

The relationship between video games and ballet might be greater than we think

Video games have long been compared to film, but perhaps it is more apt to compare them to ballet. In a column from The New York Times, writer Chris Suellentrop considers video games as ballet and draws parallels between the two art forms. Drawing from Jennifer Homan’s Apollo’s Angels, a book about the history of […]

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