UK200Group’s SME Valuation Index holds strong through tough times

Laura Wiltshire UK200Group GaPs Admin Assistant Due to COVID-19, it was touch and go as to whether the UK200Group could gather sufficient deals to produce its annual Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Valuation Index. However, due to the resilience of our contributing member firms, we are delighted to publish our index as normal in the […]

Caroline Flack’s legacy through Social Media Kindness Day

There is no doubt social media is a powerful tool, available at our fingertips. With this power comes responsibility.  We are the first generation to use social media in the way we do. Having this power has meant we haven’t always seen it be used for good. Trolling and online bullying is rife on various online platforms. Whether […]

Practice Labs reopens FOC access to work-ready IT skills for UK colleges’ students and apprentices through to the end of 2020

Kent, 23 October 2020: Practice Labs, the IT competency hub, is reopening complimentary access to its virtual live lab environment for UK colleges’ IT students and apprentices. “The support colleges provide to individuals looking to skill, upskill and reskill is unrivalled – particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak”, says CEO, Ricky Doyle. “Hands-on experiential training is […]


European Filmmakers Invited to Trial Artificial Intelligence as Part of Marche Du Film – Festival de Cannes 2020 LONDON, 17th JUNE 2020: Award-winning AI assisted film-making company, Largo.ai, is set to open up the power of data-driven storytelling for European filmmakers at Marche Du Film – Festival de Cannes 2020 (22 – 26 June) through […]

Brit workers will sit through 9,776 meetings in their lifetime

NEWS RELEASE Long suffering British employees will sit through a mind numbing 9,776 meetings in their working lifetime – with over half of them being deemed as completely pointless, research from Deliveroo for Business has revealed. New research of the nation’s office workers has discovered the average Brit reckons 51 percent of the meetings they […]

Deconstructing the Billion-Dollar Crowdfunding Industry for Film, TV and Content through the new blockchain platform LiveTree ADEPT

The entertainment industry guides discussions and both reflects and influences our culture. Just think of the last film that brought tears of laughter, or that new TV show you talked through with your friends. But all is far from rosy in the world of entertainment. High-powered executives are seen to be lining their pockets and […]

ExceleratedS2P expands its presence as a global provider through the acquisition of Source2Pay, an Australian based Source2Pay Consulting Firm.

London, UK, November 8, 2016 – ExceleratedS2P, the global provider of solutions in Source-to-Pay, announces its entry into Asia Pacific through an acquisition of an Australian Source to Pay company. The acquisition will provide ExceleratedS2P with additional experienced SAP and Ariba resources, a presence in the Asia Pacific region and supply chain expertise, which will […]

How to record my audio output without recording through the mic?

Question by Kasi: How to record my audio output without recording through the mic? I have a Toshiba Tecra A-10 and I’m using Adobe Audition 2.0 to record with. Normally I can get my computer to record my audio output without recording room. Doing what I normally do all I can get is room noise […]

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