What One Website Do You Value Above All Others? [You Told Us]

The Web is a huge collection of disparate pages which continue to expand and multiply. The old adage that you can find a page dedicated to any and all subjects on the Web (no matter how niche they may be) is based very much in reality. If you don’t believe me, go to Google (or […]

What One Tech Innovation Would You Miss In Prison? [You Told Us]

No one actively wants to go to prison, and those of us who are law-abiding citizens do our utmost to stay away from them. However, it’s an interesting exercise to imagine yourself locked up away from the rest of society, and imagine what you’d miss the most. Friends and family would top the list for […]

Where Do Smartphones Go From Here? [You Told Us]

The smartphone revolution is in full swing, with these small (unless you’re a Galaxy Note owner) handheld devices replacing the need for various other single-use products. While a swathe of the population still owns feature phones, which hold a certain nostalgic appeal, smartphones are slowly but surely taking over the world, with Android, iOS, Windows […]

What Are Your Tech-Related Hopes For 2013? [You Told Us]

We’re now a whole week into 2013, and hasn’t the time flown by. Why, it feels like only yesterday that fireworks were lighting up the night sky, and only the day before yesterday that those with time and money to spare had impressive animated lights displays in their front gardens. In 12 months time we’ll […]

What’s Your Favorite MakeUseOf Post Of 2012? [You Told Us]

A new year is upon us, with 2012 having morphed into 2013 before our very eyes. For MakeUseOf this passing of one year into another actually means very little. We’ll keep producing content designed to appease our readers’ needs for being entertained and educated, and hope you return the compliment by keeping your browsers pointed […]

What Is Your Favorite Tech Innovation Of 2012? [You Told Us]

Are you all prepared for the end of 2012 and the start of 2013? I hope so, as there will likely be someone, somewhere determined to force you to celebrate the new year whether you want to or not. If you can’t think of a legitimate reason why the date changing on the calendar is […]

How Do You Shop For Christmas & Beyond? [You Told Us]

The number of shopping days left until Christmas is dwindling rapidly. So, assuming you celebrate this religious and consumerist holiday, you need to hurry if you want to buy the right gift for the right person. Thankfully shopping doesn’t have to be the nightmare it once was, simply because the number of options open to […]

Which Gadgets Are On Your Christmas List? [You Told Us]

It’s Christmas, or near enough. We’re certainly a fair way into the holiday season, with Thanksgiving and the start of the shopping season behind us, and the countdown to the big day well and truly underway (as evidenced by these animated lights displays). You probably should have written up your Christmas list by now, and, […]

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