How can I regain access to our Facebook ads and profile/page management which was lost when we took over another page?

We have an old-school Facebook account that meant that we needed to have a profile created in order to create a Business Page. 3 Years later and now we created a separate business page that was managing a different product. When we tried to tie our original account to the management of the new Facebook […]

CES 2013: The year the incredible Kickstarter gadgets took over

The Consumer Electronics Show, taking place in Las Vegas all this week, has long been the place where titans of tech like Samsung, Sony and Microsoft have outed new wares. But this year’s show is a little different: in place of souped up new tellies and flexible phones, it’s the crowd-funded gadgets that have stolen […]

Whatever Happened To The Geode? Looks Like iCache Took The Cash And Ran

It looks like a lot of people have been swindled out of a whole lot of cash. Or maybe the more appropriate word would be “cached?” An anonymous source tells AppAdvice that iCache, Inc., the company behind the Kickerstarter project, Geode, is no more. As in, the company’s founder can’t be found. Before Jon Ramaci […]

Gibbets 2 – Review – Until I took a gibbet to the neck

An app drawing on a physics engine to fire arrows around, Gibbets 2 draws parallels to many catapult games but adds in a few twists here and there to keep things fresh. To start off, the main objective of Gibbets 2 is to rescue rag doll-like people who have been condemned to the gallows by […]

How Dropbox Turned Down Apple And Took Off

CEO Drew Houston on meeting Steve Jobs and landing a billion valuation. The Inside Story Of Tech’s Hottest Startup – onforb.es

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