Motorola Droid Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide to Unlock the Power of your Droid

Motorola Droid Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide to Unlock the Power of your Droid Learn how to get the most out of your Droid. The time and money you spend with this eBook will be repaid many times over as you save time and frustration with your Droid over the years. You don’t […]

Awesome Dropbox Tricks

Here are some cool Dropbox tricks that will turn you into a power user in no time! Dropbox – www.dropbox.com Akira – http More cool tricks – tinkernut.com Searched Cool Gadgets:Powered by Article Dashboard uverse support

Extreme Skater: Perform Crazy Tricks In This Fun Game [Android & iOS]

From my own personal experience, skateboarding isn’t an easy activity. It requires an enormous amount of balance, something which only some of us are blessed with. Therefore, for those of you who find skateboarding rather simple, don’t take it for granted that you won’t have the board slip out from right under your feet. If […]

Barnes and Noble Nook Color e-Reader Tips and Tricks

In this video, we respond to many questions we got on our Blog and Youtube channel on your Barnes and Noble Nook Color! We go into detail on how to get ebooks you copied over via Adobe Digital Editions to appear on your Book Shelf. We also show you how to copy music files over […]

Man tricks iPhone thief using fake OKCupid profile

Twenty-seven year old Nadav Nirenberg lost his phone during a taxi ride to a music gig, only to wake up the next morning with emails from OKCupid, a dating website. As it turns out, the man who nabbed his lost iPhone was using it – along with Nirenberg’s picture – to hunt for love online. […]

Any there tricks for editing large input forms on an iPad?

I use an Internet app for work that requires I fill an HTML form daily that is very large – lots of scrolling to be done. On my 24 inch monitor, the form fits nicely. I’d like to fill that form out on an iPad in real time as I do my work rather than […]

Internet Explorer 10 Tips and Tricks: It Can Do More Than You Think

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 8, one of the most interesting things about it was the new iteration of Internet Explorer. If viewed via the Start screen, the slimmed-down browser offers maximum space for viewing web pages thanks to the position of buttons and the address bar striped across the bottom of the screen (where people don’t […]

Make a Better Recycle Bin With These Great Tools & Tricks

Most of us are very familiar with the Recycle Bin. We use it regularly, and it seems like a feature we can’t do much to customize – deleted files go there, and we can permanently delete them later. But there’s a lot more you can do to customize and tweak your Recycle Bin, from placing […]

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