Do bus drivers turn off phones which are turned in missing? Or is it left on?

Question by hint hint: Do bus drivers turn off phones which are turned in missing? Or is it left on? I lost myphone on the bus and ive tried calling it on several different phones but to no avail no one picked up. Im wondering if bus drivers turn off the lost phone when driving […]

Turn Your Dropbox Photos into a Portfolio with RetinaFolio

If you’re a creative professional, you probably have enough to do between working on projects, managing clients and keeping track of finances — so where’s the time to set up and maintain an online portfolio? There are several apps out there for this very purpose, but many users might find the current crop of portfolio […]

Is there a good alterantive to Connectify Pro to turn Windows 7 into a WiFi hotspot?

I have a USB dongle with me. I want to turn my Windows 7 to a WiFi hotspot so that I can use internet on my mobile, too. I have tried Mary-Fi and Virtual Router Manager. Both pop up with network error. Connectify needs a Pro account if I have to use my USB’s internet […]

What can I do if my laptop fails to turn on after cracking the screen?

I cracked my laptop screen by closing it too hard. I could still use it by connecting it to my home computer monitor. Then, it just stopped coming on all together. Anyone have any suggestions? The question What can I do if my laptop fails to turn on after cracking the screen? appeared first on […]

How to turn your old iPod touch into a satnav!

Wondering what to do with that old iPod touch that’s just sitting in your drawer? Plug in the Bad Elf GPS dongle and your old media player or Wi-Fi-only iPad transforms into a full satnav. The tiny coin-sized Bad Elf GPS slots straight into the dock connector of your data-less iOS device, giving it an […]

ClickThru: Turn Your Website Design Ideas Into a Real Demo Site

You just whipped up an awesome website design in Photoshop and are about to forward it to your developer. But wait: while you could do this, and risk that your design isn’t the most intuitive thing ever, you could also test it without having any past HTML or CSS experience with ClickThru. ClickThru is a Mac app […]

InstaWeb – Turn Any Webpage Into a PDF For Offline Reading [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

Do you find yourself looking for a cool way to save articles you see on the web? We put out so many quality articles, that you are bound to want to keep some around for reading offline, or for just coming back to when you need them. We offer plenty of information in PDF form […]

Turn off Java, they warn… Here’s how you do it

Security advice for web users last week from the US Department of Homeland Security recommended that Java should be disabled, lest a growing number of exploits leave your computer open to hacking. “Java vulnerabilities have been widely targeted by attackers, and new Java vulnerabilities are likely to be discovered” the US-CERT warned, and argued that users […]

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