New hand-held “Swytch Kit” turns ANY bicycle into an electric bike

Swytch Technology, a London-based Tech Startup, will be unveiling its new “hand-held” eBike conversion kit, the “Swytch Kit” at the Eurobike 2019 International Cycling trade show next week. The Swytch Kit can transform any bicycle into a state-of-the-art electric bike with up to 40 miles electric range. It is easy to fit, and instantly removable, […]

Loopseque Lite Turns Creating Music Into A Fun Game Anyone Can Play [iPad]

I’m no musician, not even close. The last time I actually played a real instrument was years and years ago, and although I can easily play little tunes on both piano and guitar, it’s a far cry from knowing how to make music. To me, composing is a complete mystery, and making up even a […]

Archos TV Connect turns your telly into a giant Android tablet!

CES doesn’t even start until next week, but already we’ve seen what may prove to be the weirdest gadget of the whole show. The Archos TV Connect doesn’t just add Android apps and smart TV streaming services to any TV, it completely replicates your tablet’s software on the big screen – with one insane remote. […]

The TaskOne Case Turns Your iPhone Into A Handy Multi-Tool

There are some people who can’t stand to be without their iPhones. They feel the need to have it handy to check weather updates, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, and other things over the internet. True, the iPhone is extremely useful to it’s user as an electronic, mulitask device. However, now that the TaskOne case gives […]

Raspberry Pi Hack Turns Siri Into Garage Door Opener

If you are the proud owner of an Apple iOS device with Siri voice-activated technology and a Raspberry Pi computer you can now combine your two pieces of modern technology to create a garage door opener. The hack was created by “DarkTherapy” by using “SiriProxy running on the Raspberry Pi, along with wiringPi to access the […]

Nexercise Turns Your Exercise Into Rewards

No doubt the item “exercise more” will be on some of your New Year resolutions lists, especially after indulging in all the tempting goodies that show up at end-of-year parties and family gatherings. Nexercise can help you reach your goals, plus provide you with incentives to get up and get moving. How, you ask? By […]

Angry Birds Turns 3, Updates App For iPhone 5, Adds Pink Bird and Birdday Cake!

Angry Birds Turns 3, Updates App For iPhone 5, Adds Pink Bird and Birdday Cake! Posted by Rob LeFebvre on December 11th, 2012 [ permalink ] iPhone App – Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad The fact that Angry Birds is now three years old is both stunning and obvious. It doesn’t feel […]

Facebook privacy poll closes (turns out you didn’t care about privacy)

Facebook‘s user poll on data privacy issues has closed with only a tiny percentage of the site’s users actually taking the time to vote, despite the potential for the social site to increase personal information sharing with third-parties. The vote, which opened on December 3, saw around 669,000 users cast their opinion, the BBC reports, […]

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