The US Library Of Congress Undertakes Massive Project To Archive All Tweets [Updates]

There’s a story in each 140 character tweet we send out. Collect 400 million of them each day, and you have the story of a country. The Library of Congress certainly thinks so, as it sets about archiving the millions of tweets sent by Americans each day. The Library of Congress is the oldest federal […]

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

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Is there any way to receive tweets if my carrier is not supported?

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170 Billion Tweets: The Library Of Congress Twitter Collection

The US Library of Congress has a pretty impressive collection of public tweets – 170 billion of them. The massive compilation is part of an ambitious project by the Library of Congress to archive all public tweets. The effort was initially proclaimed by the Library in April 2010 and it collected a steady stream of […]

Downloading Tweets

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Twitter Begins Rolling Out Option To Download Your Tweets [Updates]

Twitter users will be pleased to hear that the world’s most popular microblogging service has finally started rolling out the option to download all past updates made via the service. The option to download an archive has started to appear at the bottom of the Settings page for select accounts on Twitter’s main website. Don’t […]

New research could yield the ability to detect fake tweets

I think most of us know that you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. This is particularly true of twitter and other social networks where things have a way of getting twisted as they are repeated and tweets can often be outright lies. Patrick Meier of the Qatar Foundation’s Computing Research Institute and […]

Cory Booker, Mayor On Food Stamps, Tweets And Blogs As SNAP Challenge Kicks Off

Mayor on food stamps Cory Booker starts his Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program challenge today after a Twitter debate with a conservative woman in North Carolina who criticized the program. Cory Booker became the “mayor on food stamps” when he vocally opted to spend a week eating just via the allotment despite his mayoral salary and higher-than-average […]

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