Unlocking Your Smartphone Is Now Illegal

Unlocking your smartphone is now illegal under new terms of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Customers must now ask their mobile carrier for permission to unlock their smartphones. In 2010, the Electronic Frontier Foundation fought for an exemption to the DMCA, and it granted three exemptions including smartphone unlocking and jailbreaking. However, in October 2012, the […]

New US Law Prohibits The Unlocking Of Cell Phones Starting Saturday [Updates]

A controversial new US law goes into effect on Saturday 26 January which prohibits cell phone users from unlocking their devices so they can be used with another carrier. The new law, which is overseen by the Librarian of Congress, is part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and is applicable to all newly […]

Unlocking Your Smartphone Will Be Illegal Starting Next Week

Starting next week it will be illegal to unlock your smartphone without permission from the carrier from whom you purchased the device. In October 2012 the Library of Congress determined that unlocking a smartphone without carrier permission violated the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and was therefore illegal. Following its decision the Library of Congress issued […]

Unlocking the Samsung Moment

*IMPORTANT TO THOSE VIEWING THE VIDEO: Please follow along with the steps I wrote in this description to help you out. There is stuff I left out (accidentally) in the video that is helpful!* Please note, I’m just a poor college student trying to help people out who had the same problem as me. I’m […]

Virgin Mobile and Bell now unlocking iPhones for a hefty fee

Bell and Virgin Mobile will unlock the iPhone for those willing to pay a fairly high fee and who meet a couple of stipulations. The offer is for Canadian iPhone users, and was confirmed via two leaked memos that found their way to the tech site Mobile Syrup. The program started today, but will be […]

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