Google Nexus 10 To Receive Major Upgrades, More Power

The Google Nexus 10 will retain its 10-inch display size but receive some major upgrades according to a new report. The popular tablet already features a decently fast 1.7GHz dual-core Exynos processor alongside a Mali-T604 GPU. However, new rumors suggest that it will soon beef up with a quad-core processor and a brand new 8-core Mali-T678 […]

CES 2013: Samsung Evolution Kit upgrades your ‘old’—that’s 2012—TV

CES 2013: Samsung Evolution Kit upgrades your ‘old’—that’s 2012—TV Ever buy a new TV and then get bummed a year later when your formerly state-of-the-art set seems about as fresh as an open container of month-old yogurt? Samsung feels your pain. It hopes to take some of the sting out of obsolescence anxiety with a […]

Nite Ize LUC2-07 L.E.D. Combo Kit Upgrades AA Mini Mag-Lite from Incandescent to LED Technology with on/off switch

Nite Ize LUC2-07 L.E.D. Combo Kit Upgrades AA Mini Mag-Lite from Incandescent to LED Technology with on/off switch 30 Lumens 25 hour run time Broadcasts light up to 40m Easy to install push button on/off tail cap switch included Simple installation It’s as easy as replacing the incandescent bulb in your flashlight Easy to install […]

Windows 8 Has Sold 4 Million Upgrades, Steve Ballmer Talks Sales And Apps

Four million Windows 8 upgrades have been sold since the new OS launched on October 26. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the company’s sales numbers while speaking at the Build developers event on Microsoft’s campus. Ballmer also took some time to speak about Windows 8 apps which already include Dropbox, ESPN and PayPal among others. The four […]

Firefox 15 Offers 3D Gaming Enhancements, Background Browser Upgrades [Updates]

Firefox fans can now download the latest official release. Firefox 15 builds upon earlier enhancements to the browser’s treatment of online games by including native support for compressed textures via WebGL. This will feature will help 3D games running under Firefox provide better texture quality without destroying performance. There’s also new API support for more […]

Diablo III upgrades to level 160 with Paragon system

Players of the fastest selling PC game in history Diablo III will be glad to find this week that Blizzard, the creator of the game, has added an upgrade that allows characters to level up past 60. This limit on the game has existed since the game’s introduction and now it’ll be dashed apart with […]

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