TCL predicts that 2015 will see the continuation of existing pricing trends, with MNOs continuing to develop usage bundles

Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) has released what it believes to be the top ten pricing trends for 2015. At the end of 2013, TCL forecast the Top Ten Trends for 2014, which are shown below: No. 1 As European pricing decline, MNOs will seek to generate additional revenues via more precise packages and out of […]

Data Dude – The Data Usage Manager

Data Dude is your best friend and manager here to save you money on your data usage and reduce the additional charges on your next bill. With the Data Dude utility app you can see exactly how much of your monthly data you have used, how much you have left. Download Data Dude on the […]

Android Overload: Netflix shutting down public API program, Android mobile usage surpasses Apple, and more

Welcome to your weekend Android Overload, where we bring you all the stories that didn’t make it to our homepage! It has been an awesome week so let’s jump straight into today’s news. Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature floating touch and Green PHOLED material AMOLED display [SamMobile] Netflix closing down public API program [Netflix] Android […]

iPhone 6 and iOS 7 start showing up in usage logs

The first signs of iOS 7 and the iPhone 6 have been popping up in app usage logs, according to The Next Web, who received word from unnamed developers. According to the sources, hardware is currently being tested by Apple showing an iPhone6,1 identifier, similar to the iPhone 5′s iPhone5,1 identifier. The device in question […]

What are the best online resources for objective and reliable statistics on weapons usage?

In the context of the 2nd amendment gun/high power assault weapons debate, what website would have the most objective reliable statistics? I enjoy having meaningful discussions with friends about meaningful issues, and often I don’t have the data I need to present what I consider are very relevant discussion points. In particular, I’m wondering what […]

Is there any Android application to control data usage for applications?

I have had a java phone which used less data while using Opera Mini. After I purchased an Android phone, I see one problem. Although I have disabled background data, still some application uses data and costs me too much of data. I would like to know is there any application that helps me restrict […]

Why doesn’t Broadband Usage Meter install correctly?

I was using Broadband usage meter. Recently I re-installed the operating system and now it won’t work correctly. When installing Broadband I get a range check error and I’m asked to select the approriate connection. The only option is  ”Avast firewall NDIS filter miniport” with the “OK” button grayed out. The app can install but it […]

How can I calculate data usage per app on Windows 7?

I wanna know how to get data usage on Windows 7 by app and how to disable them if needed, although I use Norton 360 to block some apps using data! I need that data usage by app! The question How can I calculate data usage per app on Windows 7? appeared first on MakeUseOf […]

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