Turn off Java, they warn… Here’s how you do it

Security advice for web users last week from the US Department of Homeland Security recommended that Java should be disabled, lest a growing number of exploits leave your computer open to hacking. “Java vulnerabilities have been widely targeted by attackers, and new Java vulnerabilities are likely to be discovered” the US-CERT warned, and argued that users […]

Prepare to be underwhelmed by first-gen WiFi 802.11ac warn experts

Early experiences with WiFi 802.11ac will likely prove disappointing for those expecting a significant boost over existing 11n wireless, industry experts warn, with the soon-to-be-ratified standard taking a further generation before it lights up properly. “The new standard will be evolutionary, with two waves involved” Cisco’s Chris Spain tells Network Computing. ”Out of the gate, the […]

Australian Police Warn Drivers Not To Rely On Apple’s iOS 6 Maps App [Updates]

Police in the Australian state of Victoria have recently warned drivers about the potential dangers of relying on Apple’s notoriously unfinished Maps app bundled with iOS 6. In a news story posted on the Victorian Police News website, authorities from the remote town of Mildura warned that the navigation app has been diverting drivers 70 […]

Counterfeit Airbags Pose Big Dangers, Government To Warn Consumers [Video]

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected to announce a warning about the sale of counterfeit airbags, which could be present in vehicles that have been in a crash previously. The NHTSB stated that testing revealed the dangers of the counterfeit bags, saying that only vehicles that have had their air bag replaced in […]

Hacked websites delivering Android malware, warn security analysts

Hacked websites delivering Android malware, warn security analysts Bad news for owners of smart phones powered by Google’s Android operating system. Security researchers say they’ve discovered NotCompatible, a piece of malware specifically targeting Android devices. And it’s being spread using an old computer trick: drive-by downloads. According to Lookout Mobile Security, NotCompatible “does not currently […]

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