Fifty(50) States Concealed Carry Weapons Guide Exclusive – Yogesh Tanwar

Fifty(50) States Concealed Carry Weapons Guide Exclusive Yogesh Tanwar Genre: Reference Price: $ 1.99 Release Date: March 1, 2016 © © iappgalaxy

Left 4 Dead 2 gets Steam Workshop support for new campaigns, weapons and more

Valve updated Left 4 Dead 2 to support Steam Workshop today, making it easier to find and install community-created content for the co-op zombie apocalypse shooter from within Steam. Left 4 Dead 2‘s Steam Workshop is already filling out with community-created campaigns, weapons and Mutations. While current Workshop submissions consist of relatively minor mods like […]

EA gives weapons manufacturers the boot from Warfighter website

Electronic Arts made waves throughout the gaming community when it started showcasing real-world weapons in marketing for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but today the publisher is beginning to distance itself from its relationship with arms makers. Originally, the Medal of Honor: Warfighter website displayed the logos of various arms manufacturers along with links their products, […]

What are the best online resources for objective and reliable statistics on weapons usage?

In the context of the 2nd amendment gun/high power assault weapons debate, what website would have the most objective reliable statistics? I enjoy having meaningful discussions with friends about meaningful issues, and often I don’t have the data I need to present what I consider are very relevant discussion points. In particular, I’m wondering what […]

Aikido Weapons – Barakkuda Co. Ltd

Aikido Weapons Barakkuda Co. Ltd Genre: Sports Release Date: October 25, 2012 © © 2011 ibudokan

Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast – Review – Destroy all the spooks with your whacky weapons

Warning: If you were to play Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast outdoors as suggested by the app, you will be getting many a weird stare. However, the sheer entertainment given by the game is more than enough to justify this. Based on the popular paranormal series, Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast has you don lots of whacky and slimy […]

New Halo 4 trailer shows off weapons to dubstep

A new Halo 4 trailer has launched, and this time around it’s all about the weapons, baby. With a dubstep song serving as our backing track, we’re introduced to weapons new and old, and get a chance to see how each one functions in Halo 4. Microsoft has also released a second version of the […]

The Gun Show – Gears of War 3 – Weapons and Executions

Chris Watters shouts BOOOOOOMMM! and showcases the weapons and executions of Gears of War 3. For more on this game, visit: www.gamespot.com Video Rating: 4 / 5

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