Kii IoT platform selected by Kyocera to power its ‘Daily Support’ wearable smart healthcare device and service

Connecting device to cloud for calorie and activity data monitoring Kii, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform provider, has announced a strategic collaboration with Kyocera Corporation (Kyocera) to develop a cloud-based healthcare monitoring service and smart device combination called ‘Daily Support’. Kyocera selected Kii as a cloud partner because of the wide variety […]

The Google Watch with Google Now – A wearable computer for the present

A Google Watch would be an ideal first step into the world of wearables, and putting Google Now at its heart makes too much sense for it not to happen The future of computing is mobile, and the future of mobile is wearables. Google knows this; so does LG, Samsung and Apple. That’s why all […]

Tailly, The Wearable Tail That Wags When You’re Excited

Tailly the wearable tail is probably one of the weirdest fashion gadgets you’ll see in a while. Tailly is a wearable belt “which uses sensors on the inside of the belt to measure the user’s heart rate. Normally the tail hangs down, but when the user gets excited and their heart rate increases, the tail starts wagging, […]

Sony HMZ-T1 Wearable HDTV 2D/3D

Sony HMZ-T1 Wearable HDTV 2D/3D Truly immersive 2D and 3D1 movies and gaming Virtual 51 Headphones for surround sound The equivalent of a personal 150 inch movie screen Dual HD OLED Displays for outstanding image quality Adjustable for comfort for virtually all head shapes and sizes Get into the wearable HDTV from Sony. Experience your […]

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