A quarter of online users would continue to use a website that suffered a data breach

- Theft of credit card information seen as biggest threat to privacy online – 70% have no plans to shop online on Black Friday While more than two thirds (68 per cent) of online users would immediately stop using a bank or retailer if the site suffered a security attack or data breach, a quarter […]

Anderman Ceramics launches mobile phone website

Anderman Ceramics ON THE GO! Anderman Ceramics’ recently launched mobile phone website, which can be accessed by visiting www.earthwaterfire.com from your smartphone and combines an elegant design, useful tools and an easy to navigate interface for mobile users and can be accessed on any smartphone. Anderman Ceramics is excited to launch their new mobile phone […]

Eco entrepreneurs reach out to the crowd to expand their energy saving website – have you Sust-it?

An entrepreneurial family have turned a passion for environmental sustainability and reducing their energy bills into a ‘go-to’ website for energy efficient products, Sust-it. The Sust-it energy saving website came about after the Lammas’ built an energy efficient home in Gloucestershire, back in 2006. When they completed the build, focus turned to their appliances and […]

Concept4 Launch Specialist Education Sector Website

Concept4 continue to expand on their range of services to the education sector, launching a dedicated website to showcase their extensive range of digital services specifically tailored for schools and academies. Concept4 are a full service agency delivering stakeholder engagement, branding, creative design and marketing, website design and development as well as bespoke mobile apps […]

What’s a website to find the cheapest place to buy something?

Question by Sunny McBubbles: What’s a website to find the cheapest place to buy something? Particularly the MSI Wind netbook. Best answer: Answer by TV guyThere are quite few. I usually check pricegrabber.com, but there are others as well. What do you think? Answer below!

What One Website Do You Value Above All Others? [You Told Us]

The Web is a huge collection of disparate pages which continue to expand and multiply. The old adage that you can find a page dedicated to any and all subjects on the Web (no matter how niche they may be) is based very much in reality. If you don’t believe me, go to Google (or […]

US Government Responds To Antigua’s Attempt To Create Illegal Warez Website

As earlier reported, the Antigua government has announced plans to create a warez website that will distributed American software with no royalty payments to American software developers. Now US spokesperson Nkenge Harmon has responded to the Antigua governments announcement. According to Harmon, an illegally created warez website would  ”authorize the theft of intellectual property” and will […]

Antiguan Government To Launch Warez Website, Illegally Sell US-Based Software

The Antiguan government is planning to debut a massive warez website that will sell US-based software without reimbursing US software manufacturers. The website is a planned attempt by Antigua to fight back against US-enacted legislation which has made it illegal for website owners in the country to market and operate their online gambling websites within […]

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