Men’s grooming/wellbeing app MINT On Demand hosts fundraising popups for Men’s Health Week on behalf of the Blue Ribbon Foundation

MINT is an ondemand grooming/wellbeing app exclusively for men which launched December 2018 with an immediate shortlist for Best Wellness Experience – GQ Grooming Awards 2019. Available in London on iOS and web, MINT operates 7 days a week, allowing users to book the following treatments direct to their home, office or hotel through their […]

Thousands of Iconic Italian Scooters Forced Off Our Roads For Ever By London’s ULEZ. This Week An Electric Conversion Kit Is Launched To Save Them.

The introduction of London’s ULEZ next week threatens the future of many perfectly serviceable vehicles. Vintage Vespas and Lambrettas can be saved from the scrap heap by being fitted with a custom-designed electric hub motor kit developed by East London specialists Retrospective Scooters. The first public test ride bikes will be available to try at […]

British kids using tech for more than 30 hours per week as National UnPlugging Day hits the UK this weekend

Families and individuals encouraged to take a break from technology on Sunday 26 June 2016. In celebration of the second annual National Unplugging Day in the UK on Sunday 26 June 2016, leading parenting website MyFamilyClub is asking individuals and families to put down their smartphones, tablets and computers for 24 hours to experience life […]

Research reveals people save over 2 hours a week due to apps!

Speedy Services are today launching a new app to help workers access the Speedy catalogue from their mobile phones, even when they’re on site, to help get things done quicker. Since apps can be used on the go, in-between jobs and with less distraction than when using a desktop computer, the new catalogue app aims […]

This Week In Android: Nov 25th – Dec 1st

Today not only marks the beginning of the final month of 2013 and the run up to a holiday season that is likely to award many new Android phones to loved ones, but also the culmination of another week of Android news. This week we’ve seen the continuing rollout of Android 4.4 and more. Let’s […]

This Week at 148Apps: November 25-29, 2013

Apps Are Us   What to do with all of that post-Thanksgiving holiday time? Search for the latest and greatest apps, of course! Just look to the review team at 148Apps. We sort through the chaos and find the apps you’re looking for. The ones we love become Editor’s Choice, standing out above the many […]

Get your Grand Theft Auto fix this week with two GTA classics on PS3!

Can’t wait for Grand Theft Auto 5 to touch down later this year? Get set for a double dose of GTA-action this week as two of the later PlayStation 2 games, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, shoot their way onto the PlayStation Network as part of the PlayStation 2 Classics line-up. Originally released […]

This Week at 148Apps: March 25-29, 2013

We Are Your App Authority Week-in and week-out, look no further than 148Apps for the best app reviews on the web. Our reviewers sift through the vast numbers of new apps out there, find the good ones, and write about them in depth. The ones we love become Editor’s Choice, standing out above the many […]

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