Weekly Poll: Have You Ever Used a Pre-Mac Apple Computer?

Have You Ever Used a Pre-Mac Apple Computer? It’s been 29 years since Apple unveiled the original Macintosh, long enough that the Macs most of us use today would seem like science fiction compared to the original Macintosh. But the story of Apple doesn’t start with the Mac. 8 years earlier, Jobs and Wozniak demonstrated […]

Thanks to our Weekly Sponsor: Macbundler’s Pay What You Want Bundle

Like the Humble Bundle’s pay what you want bundles? Then you’ll love Macbundler’s latest bundle: the Pay What You Want Bundle! This bundle is similar to the Humble Bundles, since you can pay what you want for the bundle, starting at $ 1. That’ll get you the first two apps: the game Destination: Treasure Island, […]

8 Tips To Increase EdgeRank & Exposure For Your Facebook Page Updates [Weekly Facebook Tips]

If you run a Facebook Page, you probably noticed that there was a change in your reach since September 2012. This is because Facebook revised how its EdgeRank algorithm worked for Pages, making it a little more difficult to get your updates to your fans. Following is a quick run-down of the EdgeRank system and […]

Neat Facebook Chat Hacks To Keep You Enjoying IM Via Facebook [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Facebook chat is one of those things that’s fantastic when everything is going well, yet very annoying when something’s not right. Sadly, most people don’t have the time to navigate all of the options and set their preferences just so. There’s also a number of useful tricks and Facebook hacks you can do with chat […]

Weekly Poll: How Do You Do To-dos?

It’s hard to throw a stone without hitting a new to-do list app for the Mac. From Apple’s Reminders app to the new, iPhone inspired apps like Clear to the old, trusty workhorse apps like Omnifocus and Things, there’s a million ways to get things done on your Mac. The thing is, we all need […]

Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: MenuTab Pro for Facebook

Our sponsor this week is MenuTab Pro for Facebook, a great way to access Facebook right from your Mac’s menubar. It’s the Facebook that millions use on their Macs to check their profile, news feed, photos, groups and much more without having to open a web browser. MenuTab Pro for Facebook gives you access to […]

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