From the Editor’s Desk: We’re going to Facebook – but first, a few questions

So we'll be at Facebook HQ on Thursday morning to find out about its "New home in Mobile." I've seen countless headlines (mostly rewrites of what probably are controlled leaks) full of possible answers about what we'll see on Thursday morning. We'll be there, of course, to check it out. Liveblogs are inevitable, but Facebook […]

Does anyone know were i can get a replacement screen for HTC titan?

Question by KentuckyGirl: Does anyone know were i can get a replacement screen for HTC titan? My HTC titan screen cracked and I need a new screen. Any ideas were they sell them in the US? Best answer: Answer by JavarisEbay Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

If Web Browsers Were Women

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If Phones Were Vehicles…

HT to Liza Ray. The post If Phones Were Vehicles… appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

Farewell Symbian: These were the five greatest Nokia smartphones ever

Nokia released its quarterly earnings this morning, and along with some promising results – it just scraped a profit, after making huge losses – it had some other news to share: the Finnish phone peddler also confirmed that the Nokia 808 PureView mega cameraphone would indeed be the last handset ever to run its Symbian […]

Apple iOS Users Were Thisclose To Not Having To Deal With Siri

Before Apple swooped in, Verizon Wireless had plans to license Siri and make it exclusively available on Android-based devices. So says a new report by The Huffington Post. As the story goes, Verizon had actually signed a deal to purchase the rights to Siri in 2009. As such, the plan was to place the voice […]

Brief: The Simple RSS Feed Reader You Were Always Looking For [Firefox]

Recently, after using the Google RSS feed reader for years without second thought, I started looking around at other readers. It’s not that I’m not loyal or even that I don’t like Google Reader, but using only Google Reader has been like eating only vanilla ice cream for years, and let’s face it, who wants […]

Were You Disappointed by This Year’s CES?

Were You Disappointed by CES This Year? Earlier today, we published our CES news round-up. Amongst the most impressive new devices, Sony’s Xperia Z and ZL marked the arrival of 1080p screens and 13MP cameras in mainstream high-end phones, whereas NVIDIA’s Project Shield heralded Android’s imminent expansion in the portable gaming consoles. However, I have […]

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