Viridian Works With 1st Touch On Digital First Mobile App

Viridian Housing is running a 1st Touch (www.1stotuch.com) mobile working app to make their Housing Officers lives easier by reducing administration and cutting out the use of paper. The innovative app forms part of Viridian’s Digital First initiative led by its IT and Research & Innovation teams.  Viridian’s Digital First strategy aims to radically improve […]

Does applications that works for Iphone works on Samsung Galaxy 2?

Question by Muhammad N: Does applications that works for Iphone works on Samsung Galaxy 2? Would I be able to use all the software I use on my iphone on Samsung Galaxy 2? Do they have the same OS? I mean are they all androids? Best answer: Answer by Emotion Funyes Add your own answer […]

128GB Apple iPad Rumored To Be In The Works

Apple is rumored to be prepping a 128GB Apple iPad, the first 128GB version of the company’s popular tablet PC line. 9to5Mac discovered a new iPad SKU for its fourth-generation device that will soon arrive on retailer store shelves. The Apple reporting website also reveals that the SKU features the name “ultimate” in its title. The […]

How Stress Works

source: smbc-comics The post How Stress Works appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

Flipboard For Android Tablets Is Finally Here. Here’s How It Works

The ultimate tablet magazine is ready for your Android. Long an iPad-only offering, Flipboard arrived for Android tablets in December – and I’ve barely put my tablet down since. With the ability to pull in content from thousands of sites, Flipboard can also access your Google Reader, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, meaning everything you […]

‘Blizzard All-Stars’ Still In The Works, Blizzard Says

It’s been quite awhile since Blizzard has had anything to say about Blizzard All-Stars, formerly known as Blizzard DOTA, but don’t take that as a bad sign — Blizzard is still working on it. That’s according to StarCraft 2 production director Chris Sigaty, who said as much in an interview with Eurogamer, in which the […]

How the technology market works…

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What web development software works on Linux?

I want interactive “web development software” like Dreamweaver that works on Linux. Any suggestions? The question What web development software works on Linux? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

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