The Zombie in U – ZombiU Gameplay and Screwing Around in the Campaign w/ SSoHPKC #26 – Sadistic Arena Gameshow

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ZombiU First Look

After having hands on with various Wii U launch titles over the past few weeks we’re pretty excited for the Wii U to hit stores at the end of the month. And there’s one game that we’ve been particularly excited about since it was first announced earlier this year. And that game is ZombiU – […]

ZombiU Preview

We check out the latest horror video game for the Wii U, Will it scare your socks off or feed your dark side? Warning, this isn't for the faint hearted.  Watch ZombiU Preview on 5FWD

ZombiU story detailed in new development diary

The Wii U has a pretty impressive launch line-up, to be sure, but it seems that one of the best launch titles for the console will be Ubisoft‘s ZombiU. We’ve already seen and heard some great things about ZombiU, and today we’re finding out more about the game’s story and characters thanks to a new […]

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