Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin Review – Excellent gameplay, disturbing imagery

This is definitely not for the faint hard. A pretty disgusting concept, Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin revolves around the tentacled creation of a dolphin scientist who made a mistake in his quest to create what was supposed to be the cutest creature in the world. Somehow, he ended up creating a tentacled abomination which again managed to make its way into the dolphin professor, hence the game title about entering dolphins. If that is not disturbing enough, the microscopic creature now has to navigate through the innards of said dolphin which can get very revolting.

In Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin, players are tasked to guide the creature through the intestines of the dolphin by tapping at well placed spots on the screen. With no buttons or guides to help, players have to think strategically on where they aim their taps. The creature, Lemmy, will then shoot out a disgusting tentacle and grab hold of the area tapped, with the movement helping it avoid any obstacle trying to destroy it in the dolphin’s stomach.

A novel concept, I found the gameplay to be pretty intriguing and fun to play. I liked how the game offered much freedom in relation to the movement of the character given that you can pretty much ascend to any spot of the map you are moving along as long as you do not collide and get destroyed by an obstacle. It did creep me out for a bit to how peculiarly deadly the innards of a seemingly innocent dolphin could be.Throw some boss fights into the mix of disgusting internal organs and you have an excellent recipe for a great game title.

For a game priced at $ 0.99, I recommend the download for the excellent game play. However, this is not a game to be played by the faint-hearted as the graphics and imagery can get very disturbing.

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