The Gadget Show gets a Jolt from revolutionary new app

Jolt – the revolutionary new app for motor claims – has become an overnight sensation, after making its debut on Channel 5′s The Gadget Show.

Said Mark Robinson, Director of Imperious Technologies, “The show’s host, Jon Bentley, gave Jolt a glowing review, and described it as a very good idea, why wouldn’t he!”

Developed by Imperious Technologies, the Jolt My Car app uses innovative software to gather the maximum amount of data at the time of an accident. The app will not only significantly reduce insurance fraud, but speed up insurance claims and reduce driver frustration.

Following a collision, real-time data is collected into a package of information that allows insurance partners to see who is at fault. Algorithms and bespoke software turns the data into a format that auto-populates the insurance claim form. That claim is then with the insurance company within minutes of the collision.

“What we’ve developed is a platform that harnesses the power of an individual smartphone and we are delighted that our first onscreen appearance has received the thumbs up from the team at The Gadget Show,” said Mark Robinson, Director, Imperious Technologies. “Following a collision, data is sent immediately to Jolt HQ. This includes the actual video of the incident and supporting data such as collision impact speed, the trajectory and movement of a vehicle post impact, but also third party details such as witness statements.”

The Jolt My Car app can be downloaded for free onto any smartphone. The driver simply selects the app, inputs a unique insurance policy number, presses activate and places the Smartphone into the windscreen mount. The app does not require additional storage space. When the driver is involved in an accident, the app detects a collision and records all the necessary data. All the data is then backed up to ensure it is secure and each participating insurer is given an integrated management portal. The app also has the capability to notify emergency services of their location within moments of an accident.

Testing of the app was completed in collaboration with the Collision Investigation Unit (CIU) of Cumbria Constabulary.

Robinson finalises by stating, “I believe we’ve created a proposition that addresses the current needs of the insurance sector, Jolt My Car was developed to help reduce costs for the motor insurance industry by providing completed accident claims quickly and effectively.

In 2014 there were almost three million motor insurance claims. In the first quarter of 2015 claims of over GBP1 million have already been registered and whiplash claims alone cost the sector over GBP2 billion a year, 50% of which are believed to be fraudulent.”

Catch Channel 5′s The Gadget Show review here: GadgetShowreview

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More about the Motor Insurance Industry

The UK motor insurance sector made a GBP53m underwriting loss in 2013 and insurers paid out GBP17.1m per day in private car claims for a total of almost 3 million claims. The average cost for such claims – settled for private car insurance -was GBP2,767, although the average claim for bodily injury was much higher at GBP11,292 (ABI)

Staged accidents including ‘cash for crash’ & ‘flash for cash’ scams are now commonplace, there has also been a rise in the number of drivers exaggerating claims or even pretending to have been injured following a bona fide incident. A combination of factors including the challenging economic climate, increases in the costs associated with owning and running a car, the fact is many people see making false claims as a victimless crime and a lack of effective evidence is helping to drive up the number of cases of insurance fraud. In turn, this is now pushing up the cost of premiums for the majority of honest consumers, according to the industry. It is said that more than GBP2.1bn of undetected insurance fraud is committed every year (Jones, 2014).

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) believe whiplash claims in isolation cost the sector over two billion pounds per annum, at least 50% of these are thought to be fraudulent. Bodily injury claims accounted for 47% of total cost of settled claims in Q1 2015 but only 9% of total number of claims. This is over double the amount paid for vehicle repairs which stood at 22% of total claim payments.


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