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Is Top Chef University App Worth Your Money?



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Updated: 10 November 2012

Version: 1.0.6

Size: 27.1 MB

Language: English

Developer: Mission Data

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Rated 4+

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Learn to cook like a Top Chef on your iPad!

Lauded across the amber-waved virtual landscape for its creative and effective service, Top Chef University carves first-rate chefs out of everyday web traffickers using knives of technology. The university consists of 12 month-long courses taught by Top Chef cheftestants schooled in mealesson pedagogythat touch on everything from kitchen basics to the fine art of bacon-cheddar cheeseburgers.

Gives you complete access to the first course, entitled Getting Started: Basics and Techniques. The course is split in to 19 topics that include organization, cookware, and knife skills; cooks working with sporks should consider upgrading before getting started. In addition to one full-month course, youll have access to bonus video footage of single lessons from four other courses, which reveal the gastronomic secrets of marinades, Southern fried chicken, and smoked gravlax on pumpernickel, all of which were heavily guarded during the Cold War.

Top Chef University iPad App Review Top Chef University iPad App Review

Culinary director Anthony Hoy Fong and Gail Simmons, the shows resident judge and the special-projects director at Food & Wine magazine, developed Top Chef Universitys curriculum. Top Chef is a beloved and mouth-watering reality-show franchise that, unlike the 1958 hit and proto-reality show Whos Got the Hamburgers?, encourages balanced, delicious diets and doesnt romanticize condiment binging or sesame-seed spitting. Give a great gift to yourself and your selfs weary digestive tract, or symbolically teach a dear friend to fish, thereby guaranteeing him a lifetimes worth of popcorn shrimp.

With the Top Chef University iPad app you will learn professional cooking techniques and food preparation methods beyond just recipes from 11 of the most successful Top Chef chef’testants. The app downloads with access to 28 lesson videos to get you started. The entire Top Chef University culinary program is made up of over 200 individual lessons organized into 20 distinct courses. Overall, the entire program contains more than 60 hours of instructional video. Individual lessons, entire courses or the whole university curriculum may be purchased on-demand from within the app. Prior to making a purchase you can preview all lessons and courses.

With each lesson you receive detailed directions for all demonstrated recipes and techniques, definitions for cooking terms and tools and a place to make personal notes on each lesson. View lesson videos in high definition on your iPad or on your HDTV using AirPlay (How To Improve AirPlay Mirroring Performance) and an Apple TV.

Search for lessons by chef, type of food or cuisine, and by level of difficulty. Track your progress by identifying the lessons you’ve mastered, test your knowledge with the app’s 20 quizzes and tag your favorite lessons. Learning how to cook has never been more fun and convenient.

I can’t imagine that too many chefs are willing to use their iPads as the world’s most expensive cutting board, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help make precision cuts. Apple’s digital sous chef has already cleared valuable cabinet space, but what good are all those recipes if you don’t know the difference between confit and chiffonade?

Top Chef University can get you up to speed quickly, but at a significant price. Fans of the reality show will recognize their favorite personalities, but we know all too well that pop-culture branding isn’t necessarily synonymous with a good app. What matters is the content, and TCU has plenty.

Essentially an iPad port of its subscription website, Top Chef University offers more than 200 lessons and recipes with descriptive videos. The $3.99 entrance fee (originally $6.99) comes with 10 lessons to whet your appetite, but the real meat and potatoes is tucked behind a purchase wall, with prices ranging from $0.99 per lesson to $99.99 for the whole enchilada. Purchasing takes just a few seconds — even when buying one of the discounted course blocks — though the app consistently crashed before I could watch any of them. Also, since all video content is streamed from the TCU servers, you’ll need a network connection while you cook.

Lessons are packed with the kind of tips, techniques, and trivia you expect to find in a college class, complete with a related glossary, ingredients, and a field for notes. Videos are engaging and rather informative, and I learned some useful pointers — like the best way to separate an egg and the secret to creamy mac-and-cheese — but many of the recipes I tested were fairly basic and unlikely to command multiple viewings.

The bottom line. Top Chef University iPad App is overflowing with food tips and tempting dishes, but the five-star price doesn’t quite match the menu. It’s worth your money if you are a beginner and have no idea about professional culinary arts.


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If you have time to spare, you can watch the Top Chef University – Infomercial to learn more. Good luck on your next endeavor!


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