Tracks: Group Photo and Video Sharing Made Easy

Capturing memories with our iPhone has become very popular over the last couple of years. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, there are so many ways that we can snap a quick photo or take a video of a moment and quickly post it so our friends can look and comment on it. Our iPhones have become our “go-to” camera because they are usually always with us when we want to document those precious moments in life.

But what makes these moments even better is that it is always cool to see what others have captured from that same event and to see what they think. Tracks takes that sentiment and makes it reality by giving you the opportunity to capture different aspects of life with each other then to be able to share it with each other all on one platform. Over the past couple of weeks or so, I have been able to play around with it and I’ve started to appreciate what it was made for and why it can be useful, even in a very crowded space.

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How Does It Work?

Tracks is very easy to set up and it only takes seconds to get started. You can log in by either using your Facebook account or you can set up an account with your email. A “track” is basically a group of photos and/or videos that you put together that you can share with friends. When you are ready to start one, you can either create it manually or let the app’s magic do the work for you.

ce319  IMG 0212 Tracks: Group Photo and Video Sharing Made Easy

Getting set up with an account using Facebook or email

When you create your track manually, you have to first give it a title, then you can make it invite only or public to anyone to join. After you set things up, you now need to start adding photos and videos to it and you can do this a couple of different ways. You can choose to add media that you have already taken or you can shoot right from within the app itself. No matter which path you choose, you can apply filters to any that you decide to add.

ce319  2012 12 17 08 19 35 Tracks: Group Photo and Video Sharing Made Easy

Creating a track (left) Taking a picture using the app (right)

One of the cool things about this app is that it can also automatically create tracks for you by scanning your Facebook account and looking at your relationships. I found that it was actually pretty accurate when it did this for me, and I was impressed that it created two groups for me called “Friends” and another group for my wife and I. Both consisted of accurate pictures for each (although I did have to take out a handful of photos) and for the most part it was pretty right on.

7215c  IMG 0216 Tracks: Group Photo and Video Sharing Made Easy

Creating tracks using automatic feature as well as manually.

Meant To Be Done With Others

The whole point of Tracks is that you won’t be the only one that contributes to a group. When a special event happens, you don’t necessarily get to see all parts of it, and so Tracks gives you the opportunity to see what other people have captured and to reminisce with them about it. Each picture or video becomes a post in that group and everyone can interact by liking something, commenting on a specific image or video, or sharing them to Facebook or Twitter.

7215c  2012 12 17 08 23 25 Tracks: Group Photo and Video Sharing Made Easy

Social features of Tracks.

Can It Compete In a Crowded Space?

What I absolutely love about Tracks is that it is so easy to use and it cuts through all the noise and focuses on two things: posting pictures and videos, and letting you interact with them. But I cannot help but to question whether it can compete in this crowded space. You have other very popular apps that can basically do the same thing (mainly Facebook comes to mind) and I am sure there are others out there. So why would anyone want to use Tracks if there are other bigger companies out there that have a lot of more people using their apps?

I think the main reason why people should use Tracks is that anyone can practically use it, and you are not bound to only a specific group of friends. For example, your parents may not use Facebook, but they can still use Tracks. They don’t have to join a social network to be a part of something; if they just want to see pictures of something, they can just sign up for it and it will let them either just look at the pictures and video or they can choose to interact and add their own content as well. People won’t get overwhelmed by other things they may not want and they know that when they sign up for Tracks they will only be able to see the content that is public to them — nothing more, nothing less.

Final Thoughts

Tracks is a great way to share content from special events or even to just tell a story in photos and video. I started to use it as a pseudo blog to post pictures and videos of my son and invited my parents and siblings to be a part of the group as well. There are many different ways to use Tracks, and you are not just locked into using it for events, which is what I like. It is simple enough that just about anyone can use it, and it is flexible enough that it can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

You can get Tracks on the App Store for free and I highly recommend you go and download it. While you are doing that, try out Tracks as a way to document those special memories so that you can look back on them years from now.

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