What accessories do I need to play Just Dance 3 on PS3?

Question by Lost in Texas: What accessories do I need to play Just Dance 3 on PS3?
We have a PS3 and would like to buy Just Dance 3 when it becomes available. We don’t have any accessories for our ps3 at all. Do we just need the playstation eye and a motion wand? I also saw a navigation wand or something, would we need that as well?


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Answer by Mr
You need the playstation eye and a motion wand hun

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  1. HäVø¢™ says:

    PlayStation Move controller, and PS Eye and Navigation Controller will all be require. in order to play Just Dance 3 for PS3. This game cannot be played Dual Shock 3 controller.

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  2. Slim says:

    Just Dance 3 is quite different by replacing your dance score with stars. The more stars you have at the end of the song, the better the score. Your able to see your score and how well you did after the end of a song. It also judges how you danced, such as letting you know you were lazy, smooth, energetic, etc. I think Just dance 3 gives you more of a workout and love the song selection.

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