What can I do not to pay the 3g fee on the iphone if i bought an iphone from my friend?

Question by JAck J: What can I do not to pay the 3g fee on the iphone if i bought an iphone from my friend?
I have an samsung, can I put the sim card in my iphone and not pay the 20-30 dollars?

Also, I would have free wifi right?

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Answer by David
you would have wi-fi yes. i havent checked recently if you can still do this but you could jailbreak it. the reason i dont know if you can still do that is because i think apple might have gone after the developer teams that created that because it’s technically illegal. I jailbroke my first iphone and let my sister use it for a month with no data plan you just have to be very careful to not use anything that has the internet when you arent on wifi. good luck.

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  1. mario83092 says:

    If you use any GSM carrier other than AT&T you would have to get the iPhone unlocked before you would be able to use it at all. (The difference between unlocking and jailbreaking is explained later).

    The 3G fee is applicable to your cell phone carrier plan and has nothing to do with what phone you’re using, aside from factors like applications that frequently pull data from servers. If you’d like to make sure your iPhone doesn’t use your 3G minutes, you can go through this checklist to turn off features that use it.

    (To open springboard, slide your finger across the upper status bar part of the screen)

    Springboard > 3G – OFF
    This disables your entire 3G usage feature.

    Settings > Network > Location Services > OFF
    This disables the GPS feature.

    If you’d still like to further ensure you’re offline, go to
    Settings > Fetch New Data > Push – OFF
    Settings > Fetch New Data > Fetch – Check “Manually”
    Settings > Network > Data Roaming > OFF

    In addition to that, review all the settings of all your additional apps in the “Settings” sections to make sure they don’t automatically fetch data. These steps are not necessary, the only necessary steps are the first two I mentioned. But if you’re one of those people who just likes to be sure, feel free to do so.

    Unlocked: It means your iPhone can now work with whatever carrier’s SIM card you put in. AT&T, T Mobile, Airtel, & more.

    Jailbroken: It means you have either Cydia or Install enabled on your iPhone and can download applications for free without the iTunes store.

    Neither of these are illegal unless you do it for other people for money, and it does not void the warranty unless you physically break open the iPhone, which is not needed.

    & Yes, Wifi access is always free and comes standard with all iPhones.

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