What is the difference between an HTC Desire and the Droid phone?

Question by Cherub: What is the difference between an HTC Desire and the Droid phone?
An actual DROID phone and an HTC Desire essentially the same phone? My brother is telling me the HTC Desire is not a DROID phone,, but it that is is a droid-like phone. So I guess I’m wondering, what is the difference,,,other than their marketing names (HTC Desire / DROID)

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The Desire runs on the Android Operating System and it is an android phone. “Droid” is a brand name Motorola uses for the Droid X, 2 and Pro.

I did a quick check and the Desire is a good phone.

Following the Legend, HTC continues its Android 2.1 lineup with the Desire — a gorgeous cousin of the renowned Nexus One. We can trace our drool all the way back to the Desire’s leak in December, but there have been some changes since then that made it slightly less desirable (rest in this link)


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  1. The Phone geek says:

    Android=operating system on the phone
    Droid=a line of phones the VZN has that RUN the ANDROID software

    so your brother is wrong they are both android phones

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  2. Linda Martin says:

    I think they are roughly the same hardware wise. The real difference is that HTC uses its own UI called HTC Sense, while Google uses the standard Google UI for Android

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