Whats the difference between a kindle and a sony reader?

Question by sgatje: Whats the difference between a kindle and a sony reader?
Can you get books off of amazon using the sony reader or does that only work for the kindle?

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Answer by Pauline A
No, you can only read Amazon Kindle books through the Kindle device. It cannot be read from the Sony Reader.

I’m a Kindle 2 owner. I’ll say the Kindle is much better than the Sony Reader because there are more books available for the Kindle. I remember I read this review when I decide to buy my Kindle 2:


There is also a comparison here between the Kindle and the latest model of Sony Reader:


And you’re lucky that Amazon has just slashed the price of the Kindle 2 last month, and it is now $ 60 cheaper than the price when I get it. So take the chance.

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  1. Mike P says:

    Electronic books bought on Amazon are readable only on the Kindle device. And yes, I agree that the Kindle is better than the Sony Reader. Read the review here to know more:


    I own the Kindle 2 and I like it very much. It is better than Sony Reader because Amazon provide good content support, and the number of books available in Kindle format is kept on increasing (right now there are over 340,000 Kindle books). Sony Reader, however, many users complaint that it is difficult to find suitable books. Other benefits of the Kindle over Sony Reader include the free wireless internet access, and the text-to-speech function.

    If you need to read PDF with charts and graphics, you may want to go for the Kindle DX. Read this review and you should be able to decide which one to get:


    Hope this helps.

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