Which GPS is best? Navigon 7100 or Garmin nuvi 260w?

Question by sofca_rulz_17: Which GPS is best? Navigon 7100 or Garmin nuvi 260w?
I am now a college student and love to travel, and so I am planning some trips, and I am looking at some refurbished gps systems…Which gps is best? The Navigon 7100 or Gamin 260w? The Navigon looks great especially with the realistic buildings in the background, but I know Garmin is well-known…So any suggestions?

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Answer by jsignificant
I would personally suggest the Garmin 260w. I have used one in the past and they are good at keeping track of road closures and constuction zones.

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  1. jonney says:

    i like Gamin 260w.See this review now.

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  2. Best M says:

    I think Garmin nuvi 260w is better.

    Technical Details:
    * GPS System Preloaded with City Navigator North America NT
    * 4.3 in Diagonal Touchscreen Display with 2D/3D Mapping Perspective
    * Turn by Turn Directions with Voice Guidance/ Text to Speech Feature
    * Trip Computer Records Mileage, Max Speed, Total Time and More
    * 1.1 Lbs (WxLxH) 0.8″ x 4.8″ x 2.9″

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  3. tipawan M says:

    Navigon 7100 $ 439.95
    Garmin 260W $ 182.89

    Garmin260W much cheaper and better,compare price

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