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For my App Review I decided to review WHITEHOUSE.GOV because I think it is very important to know the current events going on in the world.  WHITEHOUSE.GOV is a great source of current events.  It has everything from blogs and videos to photos and newsrooms.If you want to be updated in whats happening in the world then you should defiantly download this free app.

My Fist picture is a snapshot of the daily posted blogs.  These blogs are useful because you get the real glimpse of the decisions made in the White House.  I check these blogs on a daily basis because they are not to long and easy to read for someone whose around the ages of 9-14.  If you want to know whats going on in the world in fun, exciting blogs than you should check out the blog section on WHITEHOUSE.GOV.

I really like the video section on WHITEHOUSE.GOV because I am able to watch live chats.  The video section is fun and easy to use.  If you don’t know what video your about to watch you can press the little blue arrow and it will lead you to a screen with the heading of the video in  blue and a summary of the video.  I enjoy the videos because I get to actually see real conversations and speeches.

When you don’t want to look at the blogs you can look at the newsroom.  The newsroom is all factual and has nobodies opinions like the blog.  If you go to the newsroom section and read a article, you will be reading nothing but the truth.  Sometimes I want the straight forward truth on whats happening in the world and that’s why I like the newsroom section.

This picture is a picture of the picture links that when you click on them it leads to real pictures.  I like the picture section because sometimes when don’t feel like reading and you just want to look at pictures.  The pictures also come with information about what was going on when the picture took place.  The pictures are useful because now you can get a visual look at what goes on in the White House.

    The only thing I would change about WHITEHOUSE.GOV would be the page layout when you click on a section.  I do not like how small the font is.  This app is appropriate for children around the ages of 9-14.  It is appropriate for anyone who is interested in current events.  I would defiantly recommend this free app to anyone who is interested in a good read of current events.

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