Zombiewood Review – Gameloft’s Candy for Halloween

Not a Halloween passes, without seeing some zombies chase your guts out. This year, Gameloft is here with their version of the story - Zombiewood. We were impressed by the pre-release trailer and the game itself, doesn’t disappoint either. Zombies have invaded LA and our hero has been hired by a Hollywood director to perform stunts with the undead.

Zombiewood is a dual stick shooter game, where the left stick controls where you are going and the other, the direction of your bullets. With nicely animated graphics, this action game is an ultimate thriller. Just shoot their brains out and complete the missions. Yes, Missions! This is not an endless or adventure game where you go on playing till dawn. Rather, it is an arcade type game where you advance in levels. Each level provides you with a mission like survive for 2 mins or kill 30 zombies etc and completing them will add to your career. Levels also provide additional objectives like finding a hidden trophy, surviving for 5 mins etc worth extra cash.

The game starts with an arrow on the screen showing the direction of your objective – follow and complete it. That is not going to be easy, as zombies arise from sewers, from underground and even from thin air, just to have a taste of your brain. These zombies aren’t as dumb and blind as in movies. Instead, some of them have guns and superpowers as well. Once you get surrounded, trust me, your heart pops up in your mouth. Shoot to kill is the only motto that can help you.
As you climb up the levels, the game gets harder and addictive. You will mostly need those First Aid kits and heavy weaponry like an Ak or a Missile Launcher, which can be bought from the menu. This game is too hard for free play and you’ll surely need to throw some bucks to prevent turning into one of them and if you are short of cash, you know what to do – In-App purchases! Once you get some nice tools, the game becomes more interesting and graphically intense.

Another drawback I could sense, is the poor control buttons. Although the dual sticks are highly responsive, you need to tap and swipe exactly over the small buttons to make your brave hero move. This wouldn’t always be possible and very often you’ll find that our stuntman just stands there, between a thousand zombies, doing nothing. Rather than this system, I would like to see tap & swipe anywhere on left to move and tap & swipe anywhere on right to shoot. This is not impossible to achieve, as we have seen atleast a dozen shooter games with such controls. This small flaw actually makes the whole game unplayable at times.
Ignoring this one, Zombiewood is an overall impressive game and we appreciate the work behind the curtains. As usual, we hope that the developers are watching us and they do something about the controls, soon.

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