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    DZMB, branded as 90.7 Love Radio, is the flagship FM radio station of Manila Broadcasting Company in the Philippines. Love Radio was previously known by its call letters DZMB when it began broadcasts on the FM band in 1975 from its first broadcast days on the AM band. Back then, it played mainstream pop, later gravitating to easy listening music. As DZMB, it also introduced and institutionalized the deep-voiced radio announcers. The station's studio is located at Star City, CCP Complex, Pasay City. Love Radio is currently #1 in the FM radio ratings for six years (since 2003), according to Radio Research Council.


City of license: Pasay


Broadcast area: Metro Manila


Branding: 90.7 Love Radio


Slogan: "Kailangan pa bang i-memorize 'yan? Bisyo na to'!"

(Tagalog for "Do you have to memorize that? It's addictive!")


Frequency: 90.7 MHz


First air date: 1946 (AM Band) February 14, 1975 (FM Band)


Format: Hot AC, OPM


Power: 25,000 watts


ERP: 10,000 watts Class A, B, C



Meaning: DZ Manila Broadcasting


Company Owner: Manila Broadcasting Company (Love Radio Network) Sister stations DZRH, 96.3 Easy Rock, Yes! FM 101.1







Love Radio plays pop music Monday to Saturday. Kwatro Kantos (Four Counts) is the daily music countdown of Love Radio featuring four songs voted by listeners via SMS. Every Sunday, Love Radio plays oldies. Aside from music, the station gives jokes from Kadyot Pinong and Kukurukuku (Kuru-kuro ni Kukurukuku / Kukurukuku's Thoughts).



Strengths and Criticisms


From strictly slow songs, the strong point of all Love Radio shows today has been its plain and simple grassroots entertainment . The jocks are criticized from mostly educated listeners of higher income groups for their cheap jokes, senseless banter, and even its absurd and green jock names.


A plus factor is the signal quality. DZMB's signal involves a quadraphonic (4 channel) stereo sound that is heavy on the bass side of music, giving it an overwhelming presence. Its a sure come-on even for radios of relatively weak quality, ensuring its popularity.



Weekday Hourly Format


Currently Love Radio's regular format on weekdays is quite similar to sister station Yes! FM 101.1. The first 20 minutes are for local and foreign novelty songs, the next 20 minutes are for classic rock ballads, and the last 20 minutes of the hour are for OPM songs. These days, the station is played on automated spinners 24 hours a day, similar to Yes! FM.



Love Radio Programs


    Mondays to Fridays


    Heart popping beats will pump up your Monday and your Tuesdays are sure to be in dynamic melody. Your Wednesdays are absolutely in rhythm. Your Thursdays are in perfect harmony and your Fridays are definitely groovy. We got witty jocks; great music; excellent programs. We add music to your life. We add life to your day.


    With LOVE RADIO, weekdays are never wheezy, never too busy.


Featured Program

Tambalan Airs @ 8:00 to 9:00 AM

Featured Program

TLC or True Love Conversations and
WC or Wild Confessions air at 9PM to 2AM.


Air Time

Chris Tsuper

5:00 AM to 8:00 AM

Nicole Hyala

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Rica Herra

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Missy Hista

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Rico Pañero

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Lala Banderas

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Papa Jack

9:00 PM to 2:00 AM




    Still working? Or bored and doing nothing?

Whatever your Saturday may be, Love Radio is still your perfect company. With continuous music and smooth transition of songs, we are sure to create for you that perfect Saturday mood. Whether you’re at work, at home, in school, on travel, or on vacation, you are sure to stick to our station.




    G-O-L-D. It’s how we spell SUNDAYS at Love Radio. Timeless favorites from the past; songs that made history; classic hits that never left our hearts; music you would want to hear over and over again.


With Love Radio, Sundays will always be reminiscing, will always be special.


Air Time



12MN – 4AM

The Love Sweep

All Music

4AM – 6AM

Sunday Golden Morning

All Music

6AM – 9AM

Sunday Golden Morning

Chris Tsuper

9AM – 11AM

Juke Box Hits

Nicole Hyala

11AM – 1PM

Sunday Showdown

Rica Herra

1PM – 3PM

Sunday Afternoon Special

Missy Hista

3PM – 6PM

Afternoon Showdown

Rico Pañero

6PM – 9PM

Evening Love Drive

Lala Banderas

9PM – 12MN

Evening Love Drive

Papa Jack



On-air Staff


Most of the hosts/jocks' names are derived from common Filipino occupations (e.g., driver, vendor).

  • Chris Tsuper – a cross-between "Christopher" and "tsuper", a jeepney driver. He was previously known as "Carlo Valentino" of Love Radio Lucena

  • Nicole Hyala – lifted from "kolehiyala", a female college student

  • Rica Hera - lifted from "kahera", "cashier"

  • Missy Hista - lifted from "masahista", a masseuse

  • Rico Pañero – lifted from "compañero", a moniker used to describe an attorney*

  • Lala Banderas – lifted from "labandera"

  • Papa Jack – lifted from the "padyak" boys, a bicycle with a sidecar

  • Pinong Lagari (Kadyot Pinong) – The character behind "Kadyot lang! Kadyot lang", Cebuano for "Wait up!" which became one of the station's catchphrases. His story was recently immortalized in the TV anthology Magpakailanman.

  • Kukurukuku – The chipmunk-sounding character who first popularized "Kailangan pa bang i-memorize 'yan!" (Does it have to be memorized?)


Former On-air Staff


90.7 Love Radio

  • Matthew Dancer - lifted from "macho dancer"

  • Bobby Guard – lifted from "bodyguard"

  • Lala Banderas – lifted from "labandera" (now Laila)

  • Monsieur Betero – lifted from "sorbetero"

  • Tommy Tambay – lifted from "tumatambay"

  • Johnny Thor - lifted from "janitor"

  • Benjie Parak - lifted from Benjie Paras and "parak" (police)

  • Sexy Terry – lifted from "secretary"

  • Rey Porter - lifted from "reporter"

  • Robin Sienna - lifted from "probinsyana"

  • Kristine Dera - lifted from "tindera"


Love Radio 90.7 - DZMB

  • Nikki Ballet

  • Joe Fandango

  • Bernie

  • Reggie Valdez

  • Baby Boogie

  • Mike Lambada

  • Billy Chacha

  • Ricky Mambo

  • Andie

  • Roy

  • Sonny Swing

  • Jessie Samba

  • Gabby Tango

  • Jaymarie Pasamon


90.7 DZMB

  • Grace Cervantes

  • Georgia

  • Carlo Sanchez

  • Jim River - former station manager

  • Boyet Tamayo - former station voice-over

  • John dela Peña

  • Gerard Jambora - "Eye in the Sky" traffic reporter

  • Reggie Valdez

  • Bob Cruz

  • Mighty Thor

  • Annie Buyco

  • Ayie "White" Lanza

  • Ed "Love" Lagman

  • Archie "Brown" Chica

  • Archie Black

  • Reysie Amado

  • Rod Santos

  • Arlene - former newscaster

  • May Arevalo - former newscaster

  • Manny F. Luzon - former station manager.


Post 90.7 DZMB

  • Mel Tiangco

  • Jay Sonza

  • Manny Reyes

  • Reysie Amado

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